Last chance for a goodbye

Hi I'm Simone (si-mown) and this is my first story,
Jodi was an ordinary girl who had a 19-year old sister named Jillian. Jodi was 10 years old, one day, she got lost at the park looking for her mom until, a strange woman took care of her and helped her find her mother which took about a week. Realizing, she had just changed her sisters life.... And then the whole story takes place, with Jillian in the middle.... What happens next? Find out!


22. I love her! I really do....

I am so happy there are 167 views so there will be six updates today! Yay! So here's the first!


I fell asleep watching Toy Story with Liam and Dani...... AGAIN! I wonder how Dani even keeps up with him! Oh well.... I woke up to the beep of my alarm?! What does it mean? I thought.

OMG! I FORGOT! ERENI! I rushed downstairs then to my car then drove off to see Poor Ereni sitting on the staircase.

"It was too good to be TRUE!" She yelled. "Love is just a game!" She said. "Even Niall bailed on me!" She mumbled.

"I didn't bail on you love!" I said softly rubbing circles at her back.

"Niall?" She asked. "Yes, love?" I replied. "You don't want me!" She cried.

"Don't cry love! It will ruin your beautiful face!" I said softly.

"D-Do you r-really think I'm B-beautiful?" She asked embarrassed.

"The most beautiful girl in the world!" I said. She rested her head on my chest.

"What took you so long, Ni?" She asked worried.

"Liam made me watch Toy Story AGAIN! And I fell asleep, and I guess I overslept!" I laughed.

she just nodded and stayed where she was. It felt nice to have Ereni in my arms. A few mins. Later she lifted her head and turned to face me.

"Niall? Why are you here?"she asked.

"I'm here to ask you a question" I replied. "What question?" She asked. I chuckled at her response. I held her hand and sat straight. I took a deep breath.

"Ereni, When I saw you, you filled my heart with joy. It made me the happiest guy in the world so.... Ereni, Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked hoping she'd say yes.

"YES!" She screamed. I hugged her then I leaned closer and she did the same until our lips crashed. Fireworks, sparks, even bombs were flying! It was magical then we pulled away.

I laid my forehead against hers and softly whispered "I Love You Ereni!" "I Love you too babe!" She said softly smiling.

I love her.... I really do......


Like it!? Well there's still five more today but my head is aching so probably I'll do it after 15 minutes I guess! BYE! -Simone




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