Seasons of life

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  • Published: 8 Aug 2013
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1. Seasons of life

It is said that the best moments in life happen when you least expect them.They say that the best days start out as normal days,it is up to you to recognize them and seize them and live in the moment because the thing about the best moments, the best days is that they don't last forever...

At one point you have everything you can wish for and have possibly dreamt of.Life feels like a fairytale.Like a perfect fairytale where dreams come true and you cant stop smiling and thanking the mighty power that is making it happen...

You have a perfect family, a perfect job, perfect friends, a perfect partner and all the happiness in the world which sums up to having a perfect life. That is the time when you can't wait for tomorrow because you expect it to be bright and shiny just like the present..But then the mighty wind blows..the hurricane,which disrupts your bright sunny life,which crashes your success,which uproots your relationships and the worst,destroys your faith!And now you are left hopeless like a burning candle in the try hard to keep the flame on but you don't stand a chance against the winds and the rains of disappointment and failure.

You look back and try to figure out where things went wrong.You try your hardest to get back in the past so much so that you start living there,you start wishing you had seized those moments, you start running away from the miseries of the present,you start running away from the society,from the people once you termed your start running away from life..

And then the hurricane fades leaving you broken,scarred and damaged.The sun rises from the clouds again but your wounds have not still healed,they pain,they burn but you still decide to stand, take another chance because even after what you can lose in a moment,there is always something that helps you hold yourself together..Maybe because you don't have a choice or maybe because you are just a human and you are designed that way or maybe because after a certain point you get used to the pain that everything else stops mattering..

Despite everything,at the end things go back to normal but the only difference this time is that you know that they won't be normal forever and you know that this is not the end but just a new beginning......

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