50 Shades of Blue

When The Doctor receives co-ordinates for a planet that doesn't exist, he's adamant that he will simply ignore them and move on. Amy and Rory convince him otherwise. Have they just made a huge mistake?
WARNING! Massive plot twist! Stay tuned for more! :D


1. Prologue

The wind was blowing fiercely. Fierce enough to tear trees from their roots. The electricity in the nearby houses was flickering on and off, and car alarms were blaring. The entire street was deserted. There was no living person to be seen.

Suddenly, a blinding white light flooded  the street, lasting only for a few seconds. A figure ran out of what seemed like a portal. It was a young girl, who looked like she was in her 20s. She had long blonde hair that reached just above her elbow. She looked to be at least five and a half foot tall. She was wearing a blue top and jacket with black jeans and black knee high boots. She was also carrying a big cannon like gun around her neck.

The portal closed and the girl stepped forward, looking towards the stars.

"Oh, not again," She muttered, with the sound of worry in her voice.


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