50 Shades of Blue

When The Doctor receives co-ordinates for a planet that doesn't exist, he's adamant that he will simply ignore them and move on. Amy and Rory convince him otherwise. Have they just made a huge mistake?
WARNING! Massive plot twist! Stay tuned for more! :D


3. Chapter 2

"The Doctor looks baffled," Rory whispered to Amy.

"You know, that's the first time since running away with him that night before our wedding that I've seen him look like that! Whatever those co-ordinates are, they've scared the hell out of him!" Amy whispered back.

Just then, The Doctor spoke for the first time since receiving the co-ordinates.

"But...but...that's impossible!" He screamed.

"What's impossible?" Amy asked him. "Doctor? What are those co-ordinates for?" 

"My...my planet! The...the Timelord's planet, Gallifrey. It can't be there! It's time-locked! In the Time War!" He cried, in disbelief.

"What if it's there? What if your family's back? Isn't that good?" Amy said, cheerfully.

"No, Amy!" The Doctor snapped. "It can't be there! Don't you see? It's got to be a trap! It's just got to be!"

"What are you going to do about it, Doctor?" Rory asked him.

"I'm just going to ignore it," The Doctor said, more calmly.

"What? Just like that?" Amy asked.

"Yes, Pond! Just like that! The Doctor smirked, tapping Amy on the top of her head. "Now where to go next. We could go to the planet 'Atrolla'. Any of you two scared of trolls? No? Good! Let's go there!" 

"Wait, Doctor!" Amy called after him.

"What is it Pond?" Rather busy setting co-ordinates here!" He replied, sarcastically.

"Can we please check it out! Please? For me!" Amy suggested, pouting her bottom lip and tried to give him her best puppy dog-eyed impression.

Those eyes. Why hadn't he noticed those eyes before? They were like an enthralling emerald, with a hint of golden brown glistening before him. He couldn't say no to her now? Could he? It was like he was seeing Amy in a whole different light. Could this be the same Amelia Pond, who he had turned down, when she'd come on to him that one time? She seemed so different to the little girl he'd once known.

"I think it's best if you do what she says, Doctor," Rory joked.

Unbeknown to Rory, his best friend was far too caught up, staring intently at his wife. 

Without realising it, The Doctor had begun eyeing up his companion. Wondering why he'd ever told her to stop wearing short skirts.

Pain filled his cheek, as Rory tried to get his attention.

"Day dreaming again were we, raggedy man?" Amy asked, while giving him a seductive smile and a flirtatious wink. She knew exactly what The Doctor had done, but did Rory?

"Sorry about that, Doctor. You seemed to be staring in to space. Oh, and err, are you going to follow those co-ordinates?" Rory pointed out, not knowing what was going on before him.

"Oh, those co-ordinates?" The Doctor questioned, remembering what the whole point of Amy's puppy dog-eyed impression. Not forgetting her pouted lips. Those lips looked so soft and plump. He could remember what they had tasted like. Strawberries and watermelon. The flavour of her lip balm

"Oh...fine!" The Doctor sighed, pretending he was concentrating the whole time. "But, remember my one rule: Don't wander off!"

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