50 Shades of Blue

When The Doctor receives co-ordinates for a planet that doesn't exist, he's adamant that he will simply ignore them and move on. Amy and Rory convince him otherwise. Have they just made a huge mistake?
WARNING! Massive plot twist! Stay tuned for more! :D


2. Chapter 1

The TARDIS was shaking uncontrollably. The Doctor, Amy and Rory were holding on to anything they could grab hold of.

"Err...Amy? You're holding my hand," The Doctor said.

"Yeah, I know!" Amy replied.

"Why don't you hold Rory's hand? He's your husband after all," The Doctor stated.

"Have you seen him?" Amy exclaimed, pointing towards Rory, who was sitting on the floor by the console, knees by his chin, in a huddle.

"We're going to die! We're going to die! We're going to die!" Rory cried.

"Oh shut up Rory!" The Doctor shouted at Rory. "We're not going to die! We've just landed!"

"Where are we?" Amy asked.

"I don't know," The Doctor said, calmly. "Let me look at the scanner," The Doctor tuned the scanner into range. A phrase appeared on the screen. The same phrase repeating over and over again. Amy read the screen.

"BAD WOLF?" Amy asked The Doctor. "Doctor? What does 'BAD WOLF' mean?"

The Doctor, with a glimpse of worry in his eye, told her

"The end of the universe!"

"The end of the universe?" Amy questioned. "Wait...Doctor? What year is it?"

"2013. Around about 4 years since this last happened. Well, I say 4 years, I could be wrong. Times a bit messed up you see. As my previous self once said 'time is a strict progression of cause to effect. But actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint. It's more like a big ball of wibbly - wobbly...timey - wimey...stuff'. Does that answer your question Pond?" The Doctor answered.

"Yes.Yes it did Doctor. It answered my question and then led me to ask you if the last bit was true. Is it true Doctor?" Amy asked, curiously.

"Yeah, it is Pond!" The Doctor said, with attitude.

"I remember that!" said Rory. "Not the part about time, but the 'end of the universe' part. I remember it . Planets in the sky, never really thought why though,"

"The Daleks," informed The Doctor. "They moved Earth and another 26 planets to 'The Medusa Cascade'. Davros - the creator of said Daleks, wanted to make a 'reality bomb'. He needed me out of the way, so he trapped 'The Medusa Cascade' into a time loop. 1 second out of sync with the rest of the universe. I managed to get in though. Along with the help of my very clever friend, Donna,"

"Donna?" Amy interrupted. "You've told us about all of your previous 'companions'. But, you've never said anything about her,"

"Yeah I have!" The Doctor retorted. "Someone's just jealous!" He teased.

"Isn't she the other 'ginger' one?" Rory asked, whilst giving the apologetic look to Amy, who in return, was glaring at him.

"Yes she was, Rory. She really was very clever. Although, she just thought that there was 'nothing special' about her, and said that she was 'just a temp from Chiswick'. She'll never remember anything about our adventures together across time and space. There was a time you know, when she said that she 'bloody loved me' because I fought off the Pyroviles with a water pistol. But, she was just metaphorically -"

The Doctor was suddenly jerked forward. He could feel a burning sensation from the inside of his jacket. Reaching for his top pocket, he pulled out his physic paper. It read 'Go to these co-ordinates: 10,0,11,0,0 by 2 from galactic 0 centre'.



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