Dream paralysis



1. Dream paralysis

Four in the morning
No one to be seen
Eyes wide shut
Watching eyelid tv screens
Listening to thoughts
When I woke up in a dream

Not believing what was seeing
I became a distressed human being
With horror I began to scream
Like a mad machine
When I woke up in a dream

The image is still vivid
The memories still scare
I was shocked to rigid
On my bed in underwear
It has embedded in my mind as something conscious I have seen
This crazy recollection from when I woke up in a dre


The bedroom window open to the extreme

Then this piercing squak and scream
A seagull had flew in and landed on me
It flapped its wings like tambourines
Treated my head as a trampoline

I couldn't get rid of the bird

It would not leave but left a turd
My world became a flapping feather screen
I was stuck in a trap of being woke up in a dream

I tried to shout or scream
Reality was not gleaned
I was desperate to remove the gull from me

At last it left but I never knew
If it was still in the room
Or if it had flew
So I listened carefully and keen
For the awfull gull that woke me in a dream

The windows where open to the extreme
The ear piercing squaks and screams
I couldn't believe what I had just seen
Or was I a mad machine
It's so confusing to be woke in a dream

Was it underneath the bed
All kind of fear in my head
Had it tried to leave me for dead
I could hear now more and more
Pigeon stepping the wooden floor
Was this real or was I skits
Had I just suffered multiple fits
What was happening what had just been
The confusion of the time when I woke up in a dream

I felt my hair for the obscene
It was completely clean
I hadn't ever even seen
The occurrences that had just been
Which made me sickly green
Whimper and scream
Like a pathetic human being
So now I fear for the unforeseen
Like the seagull on my head when I woke in a dream 



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