Passing Moments (15+)

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5. The change

* 6 months later *

Kat's P.O.V


Summer is over & i moved back to america for my sophomore year. i'm pretty sure Harry is having a blast since he became famous with this new band called " One Direction " well for me things have changed as well, i decided i couldn't take the bullying anymore because, it was so intense, i decided to lose weight and thanks to them i now have a perfect slim body. My hair grew longer & now it's up to my bum. I also, began to wear makeup & dress stylish, so now i became the popular one at school.


Harry's P.O.V


It's been 6 months since i auditioned for the X Factor, & i was put in a boy band called " One Direction ", throughout the X Factor we ended up in 3rd place, but ever since we made our new music video named " What Makes You Beautiful " all our fans have been really helpful & thanks to them we are the most popular British Boy Band.

* 3 years later *


Kat's P.O.V


I'm 18 years old now & as i was getting my nails done, my Aunt Stacy called me through my cellphone & was crying telling me how my uncle passed away. i felt tears building up in my eyes as the thought of my uncle not being here anymore is devastating & i was wondering how my Aunt would feel after being alone. So, i decided to move in with her to keep her company.

* The next day *

As i finished getting my suitcases from the Airport, i saw my Aunt waiting for me outside next to her car. Her face expressions told me that she was depressed. " Hey,how are you feeling? " i said as i walked up to her. " I'm glad your here so it makes me feel better. " she said sadly. We finally got home from the 20 minute drive which this time wasn't as pleasant as last time because, it brought back the memories...


♫  Authors Note ♫


Hey guys it's A&B c: & we just wanted to let you know that things are about to get interesting...! Hope you guys are liking it so far ;D


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