Passing Moments (15+)

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3. Meeting the Neighbor

Katherine's P.O.V

As soon As my Aunt checked me into the school , she wished me luck & rushed to her restaurant  . the day started off good but when it was lunch time i was all alone & saw most girls looking at me whispering to friends while laughing . I knew they were making fun of how i looked .. but all of a sudden this skinny blonde hair girl came up to me and said " where are you from ? pig-land " . she said while laughing with an evil grin and all her friends began to laugh with her . i tried hard to hold my tears back but she continued to insult me & before i had the chance to get up and leave , My neighbor got in front of me and told her with his cute British accent  " Caroline , why don't you leave her alone & go with your friends " .  " Why are you defending that ugly cow? " she said . " Cause everyone is beautiful in a way & everyone deserves respect & you should stop telling her things cause that makes you the ugly one here . "


Harry's P.O.V

I was messing around with my Mates , until everyone started paying attention to Caroline , then one of my mates said " shes going up to that new ugly chick  " i turned around to see what it was all about then i heard Caroline say " where are you from ? pig-land " and her group encouraged her by laughing . and i guess it helped because she continued telling her things . so i decided to help the girl out and went in front of her to tell Caroline to stop . "Caroline , why don't leave her alone & go with your friends " she didn't seem so happy about it , and as we ended the conversation I turned around to see if the girl was alright . but she was gone by then . i decided to go look for her so i can show her around and introduce myself . but i didn't get the chance to see her the rest of the school day . 


Katherine's P.O.V

I Decided to run away while the Neighbor stood up for me . i felt bad but i didn't want to be there anymore . I went to the office and told the sectarian i felt sick , so she let me call home to get picked up . My Uncle came to pick me up & while we both got in the car he asked what was wrong ? i told him everything that had happened , i just had to tell someone since i knew i wasn't going to be able to trust anyone but them.  Later that day , around 3:27 p.m My Uncle asked me if i could take out the trash , i just did as i was told cause i had nothing better to do . as i went to take out the trash i saw my neighbors car pull up their driveway . and when i turned around to dump out the trash i heard my neighbor say " HEY! " . i decided to act like i didn't hear and started to walk faster , but he caught up to me and went in front of me smiling with his cute dimples showing . " Hey , i couldn't find you anywhere , i wanted to introduce myself . i'm Harry " . i looked down and smiled   " hi..." i replied to him shyly ......


♫ Author's Note ♫

- Its A & B♥ Again cx , well were going to continue posting tomorrow ! cause its 4;46 a.m over here ;o , well we hope you liked this movella (: & have a great Night/Morning ?!! ♥ Duecess 


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