Passing Moments (15+)

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2. London Experience

Katherine's P.O.V 


The flight to London was very frightening mostly because one of my biggest fears is heights . It lasted over 10 hours & it was the worst experience i ever had . The whole way i wondered if i was going to make it alive.. I finally arrived at the airport and got greeted by my Aunt " Hey , Kat its been so long ! " she said while squeezing my cheeks . i pulled away and said " hey.. " . We grabbed all my suit cases and headed towards the car. The drive was a long 20 minutes away , but i enjoyed the sights . At 9:07 p.m.  we got to my Aunts house,  & she guided me to the spare room upstairs and said " make yourself at home sweetie and meet me in the kitchen in 10 minutes to eat dinner " . 


As i finished unpacking , my Aunt shouted from downstairs telling me the food was ready . As i walked down the stairs i saw my Uncle enter the house with a face full of joy as he saw me & greeted me with a bear hug so tight making it hard for me to breathe . My Aunt saved me by saying " the food is ready , I Made your Uncle's favorite " & before i knew it my Uncle was in the dinner table already eating the homemade pasta that she makes for her famous restaurant called " Stacy's pasta palace "  as i walked over to the table and took my seat , my uncle asked me if i was ready for my first day of school tomorrow . I felt knots in my stomach as he reminded me that tomorrow i was starting high school so i replied to him mumbling " i'm honestly nervous cause i am not really good at making new friends .. " my Aunt replied by playfully singing " don't worry about a thing cause every little thing is gunna be alright " as she winked at me , i smiled and quickly finished my food & told everyone i was tired from my trip and that i was going to my room to go to sleep .


* Beep Beep Beep * as my alarm clock woke me up , i went to my closet and picked out a black sweater , some dark blue baggy pants , & my old worn out black vans . i quickly changed into them and headed to my restroom to brush my teeth . as i finished my Aunt was shouting for me to go downstairs to eat . i went downstairs and said ill pass so i told her i would meet her outside next to the car . While i was waiting for my Aunt i heard the door slam closed  from my neighbors house as a guy that looked around my age walked down the driveway . he had curly brown hair , he was averaged height , slim  and i think he had colored eyes i couldn't tell by distance . As i heard my Aunt close the door i suddenly went back to focusing on getting in the car..........

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