Passing Moments (15+)

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4. Bestfriends

Harry's P.O.V


After talking for awhile Katherine seemed to get comfortable around me. I found out she's an exchanged student from California & that we also had a lot in common.


Katherine's P.O.V


It's finally summer vacation & it's also a whole year of being best friends with Harry, I am know 15 & he is 16 years old. Today, Harry had invited me over to his house ,so he could tell me very important news. As i walked over to Harry's house, Harry was already waiting for me anxiously outside his door. i could tell the news he had was going to be really good because he had a big smile on his face. " what's going on.?! " i said cheekily. When we entered the house he told me to take a seat & said " My mum entered me to the X Factor, & i am leaving in 3 days.! ". My heart dropped , I felt my life was going to tear apart once he leaves. But, i had to play it cool because i knew this was a good opportunity for him, because he loved to sing & has an amazing voice.


Harry's P.O.V


When i told Katherine about the news she didn't seem that happy & i could tell she was trying to fake a smile. i asked her " What's wrong.? ". She said " Nothing ". "i can tell your lieing, I know my Best friend ."  "Nothing, i got to go anyways.! " she said raising her voice......... After that incident Kat has been ignoring me, when all i want to do is be with her before i go.

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