Mists of Time

As the mists swirled around them they joined hands and staggered forwards....or was it backwards?


26. Encounter of the First Kind

When the strangers had moved away from the Gibbet Hill, Will had followed them at a safe distance. He’d seen they’d turned down the track. That track led to his home, to his shack, his father and his breakfast. His stomach was trying to tell his head that he should ignore them and go home. His dad would be getting really worried now. Somehow the lure of the strangers overcame the pangs of hunger. He watched as they stopped for a rest in the wood. He couldn’t quite get close enough this time to listen to what they were talking about. Their faces had worried looks. Two of the strangers, the tall red haired one and the small one, went into the woods opposite him. That left the strange girl and the man. They were talking to each other quietly. Then the two came back to the woods. The man face suddenly looked guilty and seemed to redden. Then it was back to the worried expression. Will wondered why the man looked guilty. 

The two girls came back out of the wood. He now saw that they were both girls, although wearing these weird clothes that didn’t really look ladylike at all. One of them looked straight at him. Not for the first time that day Will froze. Then the strange girl looked over to him and spoke to him. 

‘Hello, I know that you’re there’ she said. 

He still froze, what if they were out to kidnap him. He’d heard stories of people being captured and then made to work in far off lands. 

‘Come on, I won’t hurt you’ he heard her say. 

Her voice had a strange lilt to it. He figured that she wasn’t from anywhere around here.  

‘Please come and talk to us, look we won’t harm you, I promise’  

He believed her. All he had to do was walk out and talk them. He tried to get up but his body was telling his legs to wait. Maybe they were going to take him away. 

‘Look, we’re lost and you can help us’ 

That was it, this beautiful stranger wanted him to help her. He got up and slowly walked out of the foliage into the clearing. 

They all looked at the creature that came out of the woods. It was, they noticed, a small lad. He wore a tunic made of some beige fabric. His legs appeared to have some form of leggings and his feet were a crude pair of shoes. He looked dirty from head to toe. As he approached them they could smell that he probably hadn’t washed for a while.  

The boy was also looking at them. His eyes swept from one to the other, checking that they weren’t about to snatch him. Their clothing was totally different to anything he had seen before. These strangers must have come from a long way away. As he got closer he saw that the clothing looked a lot more comfortable than his clothes. The colours were very bright. They must be rich.  

Then he looked at the strange eyed girl. Closer she looked even more beautiful. As he looked he saw her smile. She must be a princess from some land faraway, thought Will. 

‘Hello my name is Mai’ said the stranger and held out her hand.  

Will looked at it. She had long slender hands that weren’t caked in mud. Will put his hand in hers and shook it. 

‘My name is Will, Princess Mai’, he said looking at the floor as he said it. 



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