Mists of Time

As the mists swirled around them they joined hands and staggered forwards....or was it backwards?


7. At School

'So you're going Mai ?' Sarah said as she linked arms with her. Sinead looked on jealously as she did so. 

'Yes, my mum says it's OK' 

Mai had gone down with intention of saying that there were no boys going, but looking into her mums eyes changed her mind. Her mother admired her honesty, especially when she told her that she was going to stretch the truth.  

'However there are a few conditions she made me do first. Nothing serious, just got to take my mobile phone and answer it whenever she phones. I've also had to have this long lecture on sex ed and why I shouldn't get involved with boys', Mai explained blushing. 

The session with her mother explaining the facts of life had been really embarrassing for both her and her mother. She had sought to reassure her that she had no intentions of having any sort of physical relationship before she was married. her mother knew that deep down Mai was a good girl who wouldn't do anything silly. 

'Ah, the old birds and bees?' Sarah said laughing, 'we'll have to keep an eye on you.' 

'Don't' said Mai quickly, 'it was too embarrassing' 

'Anyway, want to hear the latest ? Tom's invited Paul and Terry to come along as well' Sarah said, 'you can imagine how Sinead took that news' 

Terry had a huge crush on Sinead. However Sinead would never ever give him the time of day. They all thought it was ridiculously funny. Terry could be like a puppy dog at times following him around.

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