My Prince Charming

I was just walking to my friend Anna's house.When someone grabbed me.They put a clothe over my face but I can still see their faces.Four of them.Four British Accents.One Irish one.The Irish one was the most beautiful.Deep blue eyes like I've ever seen.Trying to save me.From them.One Direction.

Warning*One Direction Kidnapping story


5. Our date

Madolyn's POV

I took a shower and curled my hair.I  wore a tight dress that was purple and had lace in the back.I walked downstairs to find Karlie watching America's Got Talent. "Do I look ok?" I asked her looking down at the shimmery gold heels she let me borrow.She looked over once briefly and then twice,doing a double take.her mouth flew wide open."oH MY GOD GIR!" she screamed running to me and hugging me. "You looking amazing, Niall will love it!" she said. I heard a car door slam and Karlie said "Looks like he's here." she sang.Harry walked in first,then Lou,and finally Niall.Niall looked up from his phone and the first thing he saw was me.He was already dressed in a blazer."wow" he said staring me up and down.I blushed looking back down at my shoes.Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me to the his convertible outside. He pulled me out the door and screamed bye to the other guys and closed the door.When we alone outside he pulled me towards him and kissed me passionately.Rubbing his hand over my bum.I smiled into the kiss.

Harrys Pov

"What's wrong" Karlie asked me trying to get my attention.I couldn't get over Madolyn.That dress.Ws just perfect on her.Karlie kissed my neck,as we were our bedroom.I had to imagine it was Madolyn doing it."Harry why aren't you talkin?' she asked smiling her smile.Making me smile.I kissed her back.But the whole time she was on my mind. Madolyn

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