Do You Remember At All? ➳ L.H.

Charlotte is very confused and afraid waking up to a person she doesn't remember at all. After Charlotte is in a serious car accident she goes into a coma for week but when she wakes up she can't remember the last year and something that is very important is her boyfriend Luke Hemmings. No matter what he does she just can't see to remember. Will he ever get her to remember? Will she ever remember? Will there love stand through this? Or will it vanish into thin air.
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9. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“The one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person.” 
― Chuck PalahniukInvisible Monsters

Charlotte's P.O.V.

 Finally my feet allowed me to move I took off fast. I ran as fast as I could trying to catch up to Calum. I turned corner after corner as I finally saw his tall figure leaning against a big brick building smoking a cigarette. I stopped my running and sped walked to him ripping the cigarette out of his mouth. 

"Look I'm sorry I gotta go!" He said.

"Why Calum? Why did you wait till I had fucking amnesia to tell me you still had feelings for me?" I shouted since he was walking away from me. He scoffed.

"Why did you wait till I barely remember my feelings for Luke to tell me? Because guess what Cal you're all I remember in my love life and I'm desperately trying to hold on to it because it's hard trying to fall back in love with someone that you can't even remember how you met for fuck sakes. So please tell me why?" I said with croak. He turned around tears starting to fall from his eyes.

"Because Charlotte you were with my best mate I couldn't disrupt your happiness but now all I see is sadness in your eyes and you started asking questions so I saw the chance to tell you how I still felt and always feel for you." He shouted. "You know what why didn't you tell me how you felt? Everything settled down and you went to Luke! We promised to come back to each other Char! Now you tell me why?" He asked. I sat there stunned as so many memories flooded my mind of Calum.

"Calum because you always brought around one night stands in front of my face! What was I suppose to think that I was still number one in your heart? You broke the promise first so don't try to turn this on me. So I tried to move on." I softly cried. "You know what fuck it I don't even care." I said. I walked past shoving past Calum.

I felt myself being turned and wrapped in his arms.

"Please don't leave me again.." He breathed.


(A/N) I'm not sure how I feel about thins chapter yet ahah. But comment and tell what you think! xx-Laney.


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