Do You Remember At All? ➳ L.H.

Charlotte is very confused and afraid waking up to a person she doesn't remember at all. After Charlotte is in a serious car accident she goes into a coma for week but when she wakes up she can't remember the last year and something that is very important is her boyfriend Luke Hemmings. No matter what he does she just can't see to remember. Will he ever get her to remember? Will she ever remember? Will there love stand through this? Or will it vanish into thin air.
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8. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

"You can't follow your heart when it's more confused then your head. -Unknown"

Charlotte's P.O.V.

I laid in bed starring at the ceiling. When I had the flashback with Calum I felt so much emotion. I felt feelings I know I should be feeling this for Luke. But I know there was something between me and Calum and I just can't seem to remember what it was. This is insane. Did Luke know I used to have something with Calum? Or worse did I cheat on Luke with Calum. The only honest way I'd find out is Calum. So threw on a sweater and my combat boots and walked into the living room to find all the boys sleeping except Calum thankfully.

"Hey Calum would you want to go for a walk?" I whispered as he nodded his head.

We head out the front door locking it behind us. I watched the all the park lights as we headed down the little path.

"So why'd you want to go for a walk?"

"Okay so umm I've been having flashbacks of memories and well when we hugged I saw memory of us at a park." I breath.

"Okay well which time Char we've been to the park lots of times together." 

"Well you were spinning me on the merry-go-round and when you let me off we kissed." I say avoiding eye contact.

"That was a great day and I know you're probably confused. Luke asked to keep this a secret but since you've been remembering on your own I can't hide it from you." He says scratching the back of his head. "Char me and you were best mates right? Well feelings started to change and we decide to try it out and date it was great for the longest time. We were in love but then the band got together and your modeling career took off and it was hard for us to see each other. So we had a mutual breakup and promised to stay best friends. Then you and Luke sorta got together." He said.

"Oh my I didn't hurt you by getting with Luke right?" I questioned.

"No no I mean it stung a little but I was happy to see you finally happy." He smiled.

"You're so sweet."
"But I've always wanted to ask you something." 

"Ask anything Cal."

"Did you or do you still have feelings for me?" I sat there a little confused on what to say.

"Well I can't really tell if I did but after the flashback yes I did feel something I haven't felt for Luke yet." I said as I looked at the ground and kicked a rock with my boot. I felt Calum's hand under my chin as he lifted it to look him in the eyes. Are faces inches apart. His hot breath on my lips before there was no distant between us. His lips were on mine. He pulled back after a minute shaking his head.

"I'm so sorry Charlotte I shouldn't have done that." He says as he takes off walking as fast as he could out of the park.

I just stood there stunned.


(A/N) So here's the big secret! OMG Calum kissed Charlotte! What do you guys think? Please comment and tell me what you think! ((:

xoxo. -Laney

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