Do You Remember At All? ➳ L.H.

Charlotte is very confused and afraid waking up to a person she doesn't remember at all. After Charlotte is in a serious car accident she goes into a coma for week but when she wakes up she can't remember the last year and something that is very important is her boyfriend Luke Hemmings. No matter what he does she just can't see to remember. Will he ever get her to remember? Will she ever remember? Will there love stand through this? Or will it vanish into thin air.
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7. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Charlotte's P.O.V.

I opened the door and handed the delivery man the cost and tip for the pizza. With my hands full I closed the door with my foot and walked over and set the pizza down on the counter. I retrieved plates and cups and set them out it took longer then it should since I had to search for everything. I looked at the time it was 5:47 pm Luke said the boys would be here around 6ish. I walked off into the living room and plopped down on the couch. I hoped that I remembered a lot about the boys. It makes me feel horrible that I have to sit and stare at a person trying my hardest to remember them and them just starring at me with hopeful eyes that I do. The doorbell rang and Luke rushed out of the bedroom to answer the door. The boys came in joking and pushing. I just stood there feeling sick to my stomach. Out of nowhere I was hugged by the boy with tomato red hair. I calmly hugged back.

"I'm Michael." He said with smile.

"Hey Michael.." I said in a awkward tone. Next thing I know The one with basically curly hair that was had a bandana around his head was hugging me.

"I'm Ashton" He smirked.

"Hi.." I pushed a smile on my face. Then last but not least the black hair boy hugged me I felt sparks of memory.

"I'm.." I cut him off before he could finish.

"Calum.." I said. Everybody looked at me with stunned faces.

"Yes!" He said smiling wide.

"How'd you remember?" Luke asked.

"I'm not sure honestly.. But never mind it theres pizza and such in the kitchen waiting for you guys." I breath. I watched them all excitedly scurry in to the kitchen.

I Need some air so I gently walked over to the french doors and opening and closing them quietly. I slowly sat down and my legs through the spaces between the railings. I leant forward and on the piece of metal and closed my eyes. This was all so confusing I just wanted to have my memories back. 

"Need some company?" I jumped as I heard Calum speak.

"I mean if you want to sit out here.." I said awkwardly.

Before I knew it Calum was sitting next to me exactly how I was. I watched him look at the sunsetting. Everytime I see him I feel more memories of us hanging out coming back except I feel like we were younger. Which doesn't make sense because I thought we met because of Luke.

"Calum did we know each other before Luke and I?" I asked.

"I had a feeling you wouldn't remember.." He said.

"We've been friends since before you and Luke. We actually met about 1 and half before I met Luke and introduced you two!" He says with a smile.

"Hmm nce to know it's weird I've remembered more memories with you then Luke. But only like flashes of them. I mean I'm pretty happy that I'm remembering something." I smile weakly.

"Don't stress Char things will get better." 

"I hope." I breath.

"They will." He says while engulfing in me a tight hug. Then I'm frozen in time and I watch a memory in my head.


"Calum stop it! Stop it!" I squealed as he spun the merry-go-round. Calum couldn't atop his laughter.

"I'm going to get sick Cal!" I squealed again laughing.

He finally stopped the merry-go-round letting me dizzily get off it. He grabbed me and held me tight I wrapped my arms around his neck. As we slowly started to look back at each Calum's face grew closer and closer to my face before our lips meet. I pulled away smiling and then darting away from him.

"Come catch me Cal!" I screeched as he laughed and took off after me.

*End of flashback* 

*snap snap* Calum's fingers were in my face.

"Sorry." I said and hurriedly got up going into the house and towards mine and Luke's bedroom.


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