Across all the Oceans

A romance novel which takes place in 1912 on the Titanic


3. Surprises

I pulled myself out of bed and took a long warm shower to think about my choice last night. I didn’t want to get married to Josh. That’s the absolute last thing I wanted. I put on my purple long dress and my big flower hat and went downstairs. We were supposed to leave right away. I got into the stage coach while the driver put all our bags into the coach. I waits for my parents there upset. I was upset with them for the decision they made me make and because I was leaving Harry here. We drove to the Pier where the boat was and it was amazing. So many people were there saying their goodbyes, ordering their stewards around with luggage, and little kids running around everywhere. But I was stuck just staring at the boat.
"Katie, lets go,” my mother ordered. A steward took our luggage and followed us into the boat. When we entered my dream became a reality. I saw the grand staircase and wa amazed by the start. All the fine wood work, the statues, and pretty much everything. A steward walked up to us and asked where our room was. Our family and friends were in first class and had beautiful staterooms. I walked in and it was beautiful. We had our own veranda to look over and everything! 
“This is amazing!” I said. 
"Quite nice isn’t it? We’ll be here for a while too,” my father said.
 “This ship is unsinkable that is why we’re here,” he continued. I unpacked my luggage in my own room! I put on my line green dress with a creme’ colored flower hat. 
"Can I go explore the boat?” I asked my parents.
 “Sure darling, just don’t leave the boat,” my mother said. 
“I won’t,” I said. I left the room and went to the Grand Staircase when I saw Josh. My heart sank. I remembered I was marrying him, I was supposed to pretend I loved him and couldn’t last a day without him. But in all honesetly I could spend the rest of my life without him. 
"Josh my darling!” I said pretending to be excited.
 “Katie  my love!” He kissed my hand and was actually happy.
 “How do you do?” 
“Very well,” I said. The acting began. They left and I explored the rest of the boat. It was brilliant! I wasn’t allowed in the staterooms below. Every step I took I missed Harry  even more, I wish he was here. Before the ship left shore everyone went to the railings and waved goodbye to everyone. I couldn’t find Harry in the crowd below, he must of been stuck at work then. Later that night I changed into my navy blue gown and we all went to dinner in the first class dining room. Which also was amazing. We sat with Josh’s family and enjoyed the first night. “So Katie, are you excited to be getting married to our lovely Joshua in a couple days?” His mother asked me. Time to lie. 
" I can’t wait! He’s so lovely, who couldn’t resist?" I laughed. 
"That’s wonderful love,” his father said. After tons of questions like that, I couldn’t lie anymore.
 “Excuse me I need some air,” I said while getting up and leaving. 
"Katie!” My mother shouted. I ignored her and ran away crying. I ran to the back of the boat and cried over the ledge. I don’t know if I was crying because I didn’t want to get married or because I missed Harry.
that much. Even though I barley knew him I thought we were that close.  I sat on the bench there looking at the stars when I heard someone call my name
“Katie!” It shouted. I thought it was Josh.
“Go away!” I yelled not even turning around. 
"It’s not Josh,” it said. I turned around and it was no other than Harry.
 “Harry!!” I shouted. I ran into his arms and hugged him so tightly. “What are you doing here? I thought you couldn’t afford to come on this boat?” I asked.
“I found the money! Even though I’m in third class, at least I’m here with you,” he said. 
I was jumping with joy. Not literally though. My father and Josh’s dad came out to find me. “Harry run!” I said. 
“What? Why?”
“Just do it!”
He ran away and I started running back to the dining room and met up with them on the way back. 
“Katie! Where on earth where you?”
“I just needed air,”
“Go back to dinner now!”
I headed back happy Harry was finally here.


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