Across all the Oceans

A romance novel which takes place in 1912 on the Titanic


5. Stowaway

“Katie! What on earth are you doing kissing that boy?!” My mother yelled.
“Mom- its nothing-” 
“Come with me missy! Never go near this boy ever again!” She stomped over to me and grabbed my wrist and tugged me away, but not before slapping Kyle across the face. “Mother!” I screamed. He fell to the ground in pain with his face extremely red. While she hanked my out of the room and I yelled lastly to Harry.  “I love you!” 
I never did get a response from him. "You will be locked in our stateroom till we dock! You are not allowed to this room unless you are with me, your father, or Josh!” She yelled at me while throwing into my room.
 “But mother!” I begged.
 “No buts now stay here till dinner!” She yelled before storming out. I was extremely upset, I’m trapped in his room on this beautiful boat with tons to see and I can’t even explore! I sat there for about an hour then I decided to peak out the door and down the hall. I slowly walked down the grand staircase, making sure no body I knew saw me. I started walking down the stairs when I saw Harry sitting on the bench across the room and I tip toed over. 
"Harry” I said.
 “Katie your back! But I thought you were stuck in your stateroom?”
“Yeah I know but I rather be with you,”
While he was leaning in for a kiss, someone yell:
 “There he is!”
“Follow me!” Harry yelled while grabbing my hand. We were being chased down through all the decks till we got low to the third class. The hallway was full with people. We were crawling, climbing, and barging through people. 
"Get back here stowaway!” The person yelled. What? A stowaway? It must be someone else. Harry threw open some steel gates to a spiral staircase. 
“Go!” He yelled.
The railing was full with ashes and tons of dried coal. It got all over my hands and dress. On the last step my dress got caught. 
Harry  ran back to me and had to rip half the bottom off. He took my hand again and led me to the storage area where everyone had cars, and extra bags. We got into a car and laid flat on the ground, pushed together. I realized what a mess I was and freaked out, becuse my mom would hate me. “Oh No!-” 
Harry  put his hand over my mouth before I could finish. The person slowly got closer and Harry guided me out of the car and towards the boiler rooms. While running we could feel the whole boat swaying. Before I didn’t like it, but now it was like some sort of ride. I started to laugh in joy when Harry  turned around smiling as well. 
“Hey! The stowaway!” One of the workers yelled. Two huge guys also started to chase us. We did a loop turn and ran where we came from and back to the main staircase, totally out of breath. I took a seat on the bench and was trying to catch my breath. 
“Harry,I have a question?”
“Ask away,”
“Why do people keep referring to you as the stowaway?”
His face got blankly pale. 
“Um well you see-” 
He got cut off when my mother came into the picture.
“Katie Lillian Thompson! Come here right now!”
I slowly walked over to her and she grabbed my arm and hanked me up the stairs to our room.
 “Katie! Why were you with that boy when I specifically told you never to see him ever again?!”
“I don’t know! This ship is full of adventures and I can’t even explore when I’m stuck in this room!”
“Very well. You will bathe, change, and I will call Josh up here for lateafternoon tea,”
“Fine,” I sighed deeply. 
Before I entered the washroom my mother said one last thing. 
“If I ever see you with that boy again, don’t you doubt he will be thrown over board! Oh and isn’t he the stowaway? Perfect I will send right now an extra search party to look for him. Thank you Katie,”


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