Across all the Oceans

A romance novel which takes place in 1912 on the Titanic


1. I Met You

I live in Southampton, England in the biggest mansion you could possibly imagine at that time with Me, my mother and father. My name is Katie Thompson I’m 18 years of age long brown hair with little natural highlights. My eyes are out lined in navy blue getting closer to the pupil it’s turns green and once around the pupil they are hazel. I was an only child so I had anything I wanted. My parents were very wealthy. My father was a railroad builder and made tons Doing that. He was famous across the country. He was famous also for owning the R.M.S. Titanic. My family and I along with some of our family friends are sailing the Maiden Ship the Titanic on April 10, 1912. The ship is ‘unsinkable’ so we are taking it to see our relatives in New York City. I would get drove around to see the city every once in a while but one time was different. It was the day of April 8 and I was suppose to pick up some nice new hand gloves for when we have tea on the boat and when I opened the door and when I did I saw the most gorgeous man in the world. His hair was golden brown, swished to the left side. His eyes were green with a dirty white apron and perfect teeth. My parents would always pick out a man for me and I never got to pick but this time I’m not telling them. I grabbed my gloves and came to the check out counter.
 “So is this all?” He asked. 
"Umm, well for now,” I giggled. 
“Why are you going somewhere?” 
“Yes actually. In two days my family and I are sailing on the Titanic,” 
“Wow that’s amazing, I wish I near the money to afford to go even in third class,” 
“Well, I wish I could give you some but I nearly have enough for the gloves. I’m so sorry,”
“It’s fine madam don’t get upset maybe I’ll see you once before you leave in two days,”
“I really hope so. Goodbye”
I left the store waving to him. The moment I opened the car door I forgot to ask his name. “Hold on driver!” I shouted. I ran back to the store without tripping over my heels. I opened the door quickly. 
"Yes madam?!” He asked me in the door way. 
“I forgot to ask you name. You know just in case we saw each other again,” 
“My name is  Harry Styles!" 
“Thanks. Harry Goodbye!” 
He waved smiling. I ran back to the car and tripped into the seat. I let out a big sigh and I smiled. I couldn’t wait to see him again. Harry Styles

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