Stranded Together

Opposites attract right? A senior class from Westchester, Florida raises enough money to take a cruise down the Caribbean. Something goes terribly wrong and ends with Sofia, a social elite, overboard and as one of the only two witnesses, Harry, a shy lonely boy, jumps overboard to save her. Forced to work together two students, Sofia and Harry, put aside their differences in order to survive. They must come up with a solution to get back to the boat, or even home. If they manage to survive will things go back to what they were before or will they be changed forever? Find out whether a love that blossoms on an deserted island can last forever. *(Disclaimer in prologue)


1. Prologue

Disclaimer: This story does have a similar plot line and events to the movie Blue Lagoon: The Awakening. I do not own any rights to the movie, and I give all credit to the creators and writers of the movie for the plot. But hey thats what fan fictions all about. Fanfiction is a story with characters or settings similar to an original work written by fans, instead of the original creator. I have changed characters and put my own spin on things. I do not own any rights to Harry Styles from One Direction, however in this story they are not in a band together.




Harry: My dad had died when I was eight, and ever since then I had always had trouble opening up to other people. Don't get my wrong I love my mom, but every boy needs a man to look up to in his life. I felt like some of my childhood was robbed from me after the accident, after I had killed him. I started to let my grades slip and my mom had actually become terrified of me. I could basically do whatever I wanted because she was to scared to say no. The only really thing that helped me to cope was my music. That was something me and my dad had in common.

A school sanctioned cruise was definitely not on my to-do list. Not to mention that my crazy ex-girlfriend would be there to make everyday more miserable than the last. But my mom forced me to go because my grades had been slipping recently. I just hadn't been interested in school lately. All I cared about was my music. Something I could take anywhere and wouldn't be taken from me.

Sofia: I had never been away from my parent for a long time but they finally let me go. I was always the good kid, always trying to please others. Always getting straight A's, jumping at the opportunity for new extracurricular activities. I even was elected senior class president this year. My younger brother, Charlie, is incredibly smart, but he doesn't seem to alway put his full effort into things. I have an older sister as well, but I hardly see much of her. She'a a lot like me, or rather I'm a lot like her. She left two years ago for Harvard. And ever since then Westchester hasn't been the same. The semi-small suburb of Westchester, Florida was the place I was born and raised. I've never really left home, so moving to California will be a huge change, that is if I get into Stanford.

I was beyond stoked for the school cruise. It was an opportunity to have some fun with friends while having a life time experience to write about for my college application paper. A week after we return from the cruise I have to turn in my early acceptance letter to Standford, my dream school. I know that I have everything they're looking for yet I still feel apprehensive sometimes.

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