Darcy's Dance Teacher

Rasing Darcy alone is tough for Harry,especially because of his busy schedule. He hasn't been out with a woman since before she was born.

Drew has a tough life. Leaving her parents at the age of 16. Living in an apartment,single. She works as a dance teacher. Things are rough with her family,but she's managing.


2. Chapter 2

*Drew's POV*

I drove home to see Lauren cleaning. It was about 8 PM,Dance Lessons ended at 6,but I got a quick dinner and some groceries. 

"Stop cleaning. I'm freaking out." I say,setting the groceries on the table.

"Whats wrong?" She asks,sitting on the couch.

"Remember that boyband,One Direction?" I ask. I wasn't really a super fan or anything when I was younger,but I knew some of their songs. 

"Yeah. What about them?" Lauren says as I sit next to her.

"Harry Styles,the curly haired one,has a daughter that's in one of the dance classes I teach. He asked me if I wanted to get dinner sometime."

"Oh my God! Drew! Did you say yes?" She basically screams.

"I said sure...but what if he starts talking about his band? I know like nothing about them! Except for like 3 songs!" 

"So? I'm sure he won't care!" 

Lauren and I talked for a while,and around 9,she had to go. So I was left with my thoughts. What do I do?

*next morning*

I woke up to the sound of my ringtone. 

"Hello?" I ask,groggily.

"Hey,it's Lauren. Do you need me to babysit today?" 

"It's Saturday. I don't think so." I say,sitting up. 

"Alright,well,take Ashton out or something. Okay?" 

"Okay. I'll text you later." I hang up,then jump in the shower. 

After my shower,I throw on some skinny jeans and a Tee. I pull on a beanie and Vans,then go to wake up Ash.

"Hey." I say,seeing that he's already awake. 

"Hi." He replies,picking up a Lego piece. 

"Wanna go out today? We can do whatever you want." I say,kneeling next to him. 

"Yeah!" He squeals,and I smile. I grab a pair of his shorts and a tee,then wait for him to get ready. 

He comes out,his slip on shoes already on his feet. 

"C'mon Mum." He says,pulling me towards the door. I quickly grab my purse,then run back over to the 5 year old. 



What'd ya think? And just incase you didn't understand:Ashton is her 5 year old son. No,not Ashton from 5SOS. Comment,like,favorite or whatever you think! Thankssssss! xx



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