Darcy's Dance Teacher

Rasing Darcy alone is tough for Harry,especially because of his busy schedule. He hasn't been out with a woman since before she was born.

Drew has a tough life. Leaving her parents at the age of 16. Living in an apartment,single. She works as a dance teacher. Things are rough with her family,but she's managing.


1. Chapter 1

*Harry's POV*

I pulled Darcy's curly hair into a small bun for Dance Lessons. It looked pretty good,but it would've looked better if a woman had done it. She grabbed her ballet shoes and basically ran out the door. I followed her to the car,strapping her into the car seat. She talked a lot for a 5 year old. 

She was born when I was 19,and her mother left her to me,never wanting to see either of us again. One Direction is still a pretty popular band,but we don't have as many concerts anymore,since we rushed families. The pressure got to us and things went quicker than they should have. Louis and Eleanour are married with two kids,Maddison,who's the same age as Darcy,and Tanner,who's a year older. Zayn and Perrie are married with a 4 year old boy named James. Niall is married to a woman named Julie. They have a year old daughter named Ella. I have no wife or girlfriend,but I do have Darcy. Liam's the only one who took didn't rush. He's engaged to a beautiful woman named Savanna. They'll be married in a few months. 

Darcy talked about Dance lessons the whole time. She loves her Dance Teacher,who I haven't met yet. "She's twenty-two and she has purple hair." Darcy says,and I laugh a little. Purple hair?

We finally arrive,and Darcy literally runs into the building,leaving me alone. I jog in the building after her,and see its a waiting area. She's sitting on a small couch,waiting for me. I sit next to her,helping her with her shoes.

The door to the actual studio opens,and girls who look a little older than Darcy flood out. Darcy pulls me in,saying that today is the day that Parents can watch. 

Of course,I'm the only guy here,and all the women are staring at me. It's not really new,I've been on stage a million times,but it's still a little awkward. 

I watch as Darcy sits in a circle with all the other kids. They're all talking and giggling,until another woman enters the room. She has purple hair. Purple hair. I guess Darcy was serious.

She had a nose and lip piercing. She was sporting a few tattoos and some clothing similar to the younger girls. She was rather good looking. 

I sat through the whole class,watching Darcy,and occasionally the teacher. 

After the lesson,Darcy ran over to me,then pulled me towards the teacher. "This is my Daddy!" Darcy shouts,catching the attention of the purple haired woman. 

Everyone is leaving. But I guess we aren't. 

"I'm Harry Styles." I say awkwardly,then wonder why I said my last name. "I'm Drew Taylor." She smiles,sticking out a hand for me to shake. 

We chat a little. Darcy runs around the room a few times,poking me each time she passed me. When she began to get tired,I decided to end the conversation. 

"I'd really like to get to know you better." I say,staring at the ground. 

"Same." She says,and I glance up to see her smiling. 

"Maybe we could get dinner sometime?" I ask.

"I'd like that." Drew says,handing me a piece of paper. 

Darcy and I say bye,and head out to the car. 

"Daddy's got a girlfriend! Daddy's got a girlfriend!" Darcy shouts on the way home.

"She isn't my girlfriend," I say,"Not yet." I whisper.



Sorry it took so long to Publish! I know this isn't the best Chapter/beginning,but I had to get it started somehow. If you go to my Profile and look at my mumbles,You'll find one about this book along with a photo describing Drew! Comment and let me know what you think! (Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes!)

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