One Direction Imgine/short story

hey guys as WWAT has been announced I've been fangirling A LOT!
so I made I kind of imagine that is about when the boys start the WWAT in colombia (my country) and how harry mets this girl and falls for her just like she does. and create something very special there that'll keep going. hope you like it sorry if its wrong but my teacher told me to write about things so I thought why not about my love for the boys :) again hope you guys like it and tell me what you think LOVE YOU LOTSxx


1. Chapter 1

Thursday is here and tomorrow is the big day. The day I’m going to watch for the first time my 5 idols. This has been my dream since I first saw them. I’ve been dying to see these guys perfom and finally tomorrow is the day.


They’re arriving today at night. I’m ecxited ‘cause I want them to love this country as much as possible, eventhough I hate it. But it just makes evrything more special, I think. Since I got my tickets I’ve beeen fangirling around and daydreaming about it. I knew I would get my first boyfriend here.


Its 7º’clock here and its just about time. Security at the airport has informed that they just landed. I’m not at the airport because I don’t want to be one of those fans who are crazy all about it. I know I am but I don’t want to act like it. Instead I decided to go out with the girls and have some dinner around, and when I mean around its close to the boys hotel. The girls don’t like the boys, I mean they like they’re music and everything but they’re not a fangirl as I would say. Besides I’m the only one going to the show.


We’ve just got out from the movies and my twitter says they boys just arrived to their hotel wich I knew since they said Colombia, would be the Boghotel which is the best hotel of our city. None of the girls know this hanging out plan is to get a higher chance to meet them ‘cause I know that if they found out  they would be very annoyed. But if it came true and it would by their selfs they found out,they would be happy ‘cause I did it. I met my idol.


I know I haven’t told you why am I doing this, because you all would have said that m&g is for that. But in this tour I don’t know why but they didn’t made it. So there you go, my reason for it.


Now we’re wondering where should we go and have dinner. This is very hard for us because some of us, well I love junk food. But Sally don’t, she hates it. She likes more than anything sea food, but Mafe thinks its rude with the animals. I know its stupid but its true.


“Hey” a voice said while we were in our argument of what to eat. I turned around to see a tall young men with green eyes and curly hair. Since that moment I knew who he was. I instantly chuckled to myself. It was the great Harry styles. Get it like the great gatsby? But insted the great Harry?  no? Oh ok.


“Do you speak english?” his raspy voice said making me land on earth again. I nod and he instantly asked me whera was Wok. Hmmm now I know where are we eating tonight sorry Mafe.

None of the girls  turned around. I was there just by myself telling Harry styles how to get to Wok. Wok was straight ahead and to the right, I told him. He nodded but I noticed he was alone with no guards. Hmm.

Suddenly Jane turned around and her jaw landed lightly on the floor. Harry just smiled. Jane quicly shook her head and ask Harry if it was him. Jane off course he is! He nodded. I was about to ask him where were his  security guards were but insted of me Jane did.

He told us that he was by himself ‘cause the fans volume was too little, instead he wanted to eat sushi.

“So you came to a latin country and the first thing you eat is sushi?" Oh what a rude comment escaped out of my mouse. Hope he gets the joke..

“Basically yes!” wow, didn’t see that coming.

Jane and I stood there withount saying anything to his response. Sally turned around saying that we were going out for sea food but when she saw Harry, she screamd her lungs out. She wasn’t a fan but for sure she had dirty dreams with him‘the sex god ’he is, like me as well. Shh…

She told jane something but i didn’t care ‘cause Harry started talkin’ “soo, what are you Young girls doin’ here?” awww! He just acted like I imagined Liam would be. Geeeez * melting *

“ Harry its eight thirty… its not that late and we were just about to have dinner.” I said very low.

He stared at me while  my cheeks were burning.

“oh really?” he said  singing with’is british HOT accent. Jskdjghd. “then, we should go together” OMG OMG OMG OMG! Harry Styles just asked us out!!! AHHHH! Breath breath don’t forget to breath.

“sounds ok” Jane said. Oh blame you Jane always so calmed and secure. Agh.

“ok lets go” he said glancing at me. Ahh this is all so awkward. I don’t know why he keeps smiling at me.




 so what did you guys think? should I keep going or stop??? love youuu<3


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