Being Naive Stinks

Being naive stinks.

And having my ice cream stolen by some guy isn't any better.

I mean aren't you supposed to pay for your own?! Not take someone else's! By someone else's, I mean mine.

And don't be fooled by that clown holding out balloons.......he told me he would give me one if I went into an alley. I'm naive, not stupid.

Well my life just got worse seeing as a school dance is coming up you really want to know?

I don't have the slightest idea what's going to happen, I don't have partner to go with, and I don't even know how to dance!

But that's not the worst of it!

I have to be less naive or else no one will go with me!

Well fiddle sticks.

Wish me luck........I'm going to need it.


1. Being Naive Stinks-Uh Oh

Just wanted to say, this is my first story. (On here at least). So please be honest but not to brutal on your comments.


I hope you tell me if you enjoyed my chapter and or story so far and what I could do to make it more exciting and or descriptive.


Thanks. :)  also I know that my story needs a bit- ok a lot of editing.


But I'll do it when I finish the whole story.


-Kitygirl123 (for short. :)  )




I even wonder if I'm too naive.


I mean sometimes I can be a bit too naive......if you know what I mean.


For example, today when I was out buying ice cream, for just being awesome. And the fact that I had enough allowance. And as I was leaving a guy dressed in torn clothes called to me No, not like my actual name silly. That would be creepy.


Anyway, the guy calls to me saying: "I hope you know people who walk here have to pay five extra dollars." I being the naive person I was, called out to the guy believing him.


I mean five extra dollars?! I only paid three dollars for my sunday. I mean, who wouldn't want to know why they had to pay so much for some desert that had two things. Ice cream and a banana on top.


"Really?" The man vigorously shook his head up and down his greasy hair flopping along with it. I instantly took a disliking to his greasy blob called hair.


The man then leaned in closer and I had to hold my breath his stench was so putrid.


I gasped for clean air as quietly as I could so was not to alert the man himself of his horrid smell. I moved my pale arm that held my ice cream away from the man in hopes of having a non-smelly snack.


I have no clue if that actually worked though mind you.


The dirty man didn't seem to notice my strange behavior. Or he didn't care because he might have already been told that. Either way he leaned in closer and put his hand up to bock unwanted people from listening.


He then whispered to me "Yeah but I'll help you out. Give me your ice cream."


I smiled and obliged moving my arm that was still suspended as high in the air as away from the smell it could be towards the man. I was so glad that he wanted to lend a hand to the naive girl.


But you know what?


If I hadn't saw only good in him and actually looked at the man, I would have saw his hunger and greed for my delicious desert. But by the time I tried looking at his expression, it was to late.


His greedy little paw-hand reached out snatching my food from the gods from my pathetic naive hand. He smiled at me showing his yellow teeth and then scampered out the door and off into the sunrise.


And so here I am.


Sitting on the curb staring gloomily at the ground. If only you weren't naive. I sighed and stared back at the ground pitifully.



Thank you so much for reading this far!


It makes me happy knowing I'm not that bad at writing.  ^^


Well I'm going to make this story a short story. And the chapters may get longer. May not. I really don't know how to control how much I write in a chapter. Well not yet anyways.


Thanks again!


Kitygirl123 <3

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