The Boy Next Door

Aubrey Coles just moved to Holmes Chapel, England from NYC. Aubrey meets the boy next door, Harry Styles, who is going to audition for the X Factor. They become best friends, but who wants to be more than friends? Harry makes it through the auditions, and has to go to boot camp. His mom invites Aubrey along, and she accepts. But why does a phone call make Aubrey suddenly leave?


7. Chapter 7.


Sorry I haven't been on in a while! I've been so busy lately! Here's chapter seven, and please read the author's note at the end of the chapter. Thank you so much! :) ~Mel


After a while, we arrive at the arena. Everyone jumps out of the vehicle, and Harry grabs his bags since he’ll be here overnight.. I walk beside Harry as we enter the arena. He looks so nervous…

“Contestants, check in over here!” a blonde woman calls,,, smiling and pointing towards a table. Her ponytail sways everytime she moves her head.

“I guess that’s me,” Harry says.

“Do good!” I encourage him.

Harry gives me a small smile, murmurs, “Thanks,” and turns to walk away.

*Harry’s P.O.V.*

I walk over to the sign-in table, trying not to show my nervousness.

“Next,” the brunette behind the table calls.

“Harry Styles,” I say. The woman hands me a slip of paper with my number on it.

“Good luck,” she wishes me, grinning.

“Thank you.” I give her a slight smile. I walk backstage to find my rehearsal coach and pick a song.

“You must be Harry Styles,” a man approaching me says. He wears a black T-shirt with chinos. A bright red beanie covers his brown hair.

“Yes, sir,” I responded.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Harry. My name is Darien, and I’ll be working with you.” Darien smiles and puts out his hand. I shake it. “Let’s find you a song to sing, yeah?” I nod my head, and we walk to a small room.

“So here is a list I made that I thought might be good for you.” Darien hands me a list of about 20 songs. I scan over it.

“I’d like to try ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ by Oasis,” I tell him.

“I like that song,” he says. Then we get to work.

*Two hours later*

“Alright, you’re doing good. How about we take a break, yeah?” Darien asks. I nod.

I’ve been drinking a lot of water, so I head to the loo. When I enter, there’s a boy wearing a striped shirt washing his hands.

“Hello, mate. I’m Louis,” he introduces himself, with a smile.

“I’m Harry,” I reply, returning the gesture.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Harry. I hope you do good in the competition.”

“Thanks, I hope you do, too.”

Louis walks out with a smile. I finish up, and head back out to Darien. We practice for another two hours, each time getting slowly better.

After the two hours, Darien calls it a night. “Get some rest for tomorrow. I’ll meet you down here tomorrow at eleven am to finalize the song.”

“Okay, I’ll see you at eleven.” I nod my head. Then I turn and walk out.



Please understand that chapter eight might not be up for a day or two, maybe three. I write my chapters down, then type them, then paste them on here. It helps think of ideas if I write the story down first. Then I edit on the computer. I still have to write chapter eight, and I started this story when I already was on chapter 5 or 6. So, please understand I want to write the story tomorrow, and with school starting, it will be harder. I will still update as much as I can, and I will also be posting a horror story (not 1D related, but there will be 1D fan fiction after it). If you don't mind checking it out, that would be awesome, and please leave comments on it! Sorry for this being so long! Love all you reading this! Thank you so much! :D ~Mel

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