The Boy Next Door

Aubrey Coles just moved to Holmes Chapel, England from NYC. Aubrey meets the boy next door, Harry Styles, who is going to audition for the X Factor. They become best friends, but who wants to be more than friends? Harry makes it through the auditions, and has to go to boot camp. His mom invites Aubrey along, and she accepts. But why does a phone call make Aubrey suddenly leave?


4. Chapter 4.


Hi lovelies! I'm sorry if Chapter 3 was a little short, but this one is pretty long! I'm trying to jazz it up a bit, and there will be more in the chapters to come! :) ~Mel


I have to admit, Harry is my friend. I mean, I've always thought we were friends since the first time we “talked”, but now we’re actually hanging out. Harry’s at my house, and we’re waiting for the auditions to air. I even make popcorn.

“So today’s the day,” I say, sitting on the floor next to him.

“For you,” he smiles.

“This can decide your career,” I remind him.

“I already know which way my career is heading,” he replies.

“Shh, you’re on!” I almost yell.

Harry starts out by telling a little about himself.

“What are you going to sing?” a judge asks. I know he’s Simon Cowell; I've seen him on American Idol.

“I’ll do ‘Isn't She Lovely’ by Stevie Wonder,” replies Harry.

“Okay, good luck,” says Simon.

Harry started singing. Wow, he’s good. I guess I still don’t know much about him.

The judges give their comments. Two out of the three liked him. The first judge, who Simon called “Louis”, said no, and the crowd booed him.

“I actually don’t think they booed you loud enough there,” Simon said. The crowd roared with boos. Harry even gave a short “boo” into the microphone.

The next judge, whose name is Nicole, said yes.

“Harry, you’ll be happy to hear that I’m going to be agreeing with Nicole. The answer is yes,” says Simon.

“Omigosh! You made it!” I jump up and look down at him. He smiles up at me. “When do you have to leave for the next stage?”

“Tomorrow,” Harry replies, standing up. “I’ll be gone for awhile.”

“Congratulations,” I say, hugging him.

“Thanks. Hey, since I’ll be gone for some time, and we won’t be able to talk, here’s my number.” Harry takes a piece of paper off a table, grabs a pen, and writes down digits. He hands it to me, and I take it. I notice he’s wearing the bracelet I gave him.

“You’re wearing my bracelet,” I remark.

“Yeah. I wear it all the time. It looks good on me, doesn't it?” he asks, looking at it.

I laugh. “Yeah, it does.” Harry looks up and smiles at me.

Suddenly, my mom walks into the room. “Aubrey, can you please put these clothes- ,” she looks up. “Hi, Harry!” she smiles at him.

“Hi, Mrs. Coles.” Harry smiles at her.

“Please, call me Barbara.”

“Oh, God,” I say, hiding my face with my hands.

“Okay, Barbara,” Harry says.

“Would you like to stay for dinner?” my mom asks.

“I’d love to,” he replies.

“Great!” my mom exclaims, before going back to whatever she was doing before.

“So, what do you want to do now?” I ask.

“Well, I've never seen your full room,” Harry says.

“Okay.” I nod. I lead Harry upstairs to the end of the hall and to the left. We entered my room. My bed is in one corner, on top of my desk. It’s basically a bunk bed, but the bottom bed is replaced by my desk. In another corner, there is a comfy chair with some bean bag chairs. In a different corner, there are two, large bookshelves filled with books. Right next to my door, to the right, is a door that leads to my walk-in closet.

“Wow… I have never seen that bed there,” Harry chuckles.

I smile. “It’s always been there.”

Harry walks in, and sits down in the comfy chair. “I like this.”  He smiles.

“Sorry, it’s not for sale. It was a birthday present,” I say. “Hey, I’m going to go to the bathroom- I mean, loo.”

“Okay, I’ll be here,” Harry says.

I walk into the hall, and turn right, into the bathroom.

*Harry’s P.O.V.*

Aubrey walks into the hall to go to the “bathroom”. She’s so nice, I think. I look around her room a little more. Something on her desk catches my eye. It’s a picture. I stand up and walk over. It’s Aubrey, her mom, and a man I've never seen. I pick up the picture to look closer. Aubrey looks about 14, and I can see she has her mom’s eyes and lips. She has the man’s ears and nose. She has the same hair color as both of them. He must be-

“That’s my dad,” Aubrey says from behind me. I turn around and see her leaning against the door frame. How long has she been there?

“Oh… uh… sorry,” I apologize, quickly setting the picture down.

“It’s fine. I know you haven’t seen him before. He’s… um… he’s… serving overseas.” The last part comes out barely a whisper, as Aubrey looks at the ground.

“I’m so sorry, I didn't-”

“It’s okay. Not many people know except my closest friends. We moved here because everything reminded my mom of him. He writes to us, and we write back. He knows we live here. We’ll probably move back once he’s done serving. I’m not really sure why my mom chose to live here, but… she did.”

“Are you happy here?” I ask.

She looks up and smiles. “Yeah, I am.” I smile back.

“Aubrey! Harry! Time for dinner!” Barbara calls.

“Coming!” Aubrey replies. We race down the stairs.

“Yes, tacos!” I shout, when we enter the kitchen.

“Take what you want, and how much you want,” Barbara tells me.

“Thanks!” I reply. I fill two tacos in no time. I sit at the table and start to eat.

“So, Mom, Harry auditioned for X-Factor,” Aubrey says, sitting down with her taco.

“Really?” asks Barbara, smiling. “Did you make it?” She sits down.

“Yes,” I reply.

“Congratulations! That’s great!”

“Thanks,” I say, smiling.

“He leaves for the next round tomorrow,” Aubrey says.

“Well, good luck,” Barbara wishes me, and smiles.

“Thanks. Actually, this bracelet here is from Aubrey,” I say, showing the bracelet on my wrist to Barbara.

“Aubrey never told me about that,” Barbara says, turning her head to Aubrey.

“Sorry, I bought it when I went to town with Miranda once,” Aubrey tells her mom.

“Oh, that’s what you bought! Well, that’s sweet of you, Aubrey!”

“Mom…” Aubrey groans.

I finish my second taco and look at the time on the microwave. “I better be going. I have to get up early tomorrow. Thanks for dinner. It was great,” I tell Barbara, smiling.

“Thank you for joining us, Harry. We’d love to have you over again when you’re back,” Barbara says, smiling back at me. “Aubrey, why don’t you walk Harry out?”

“Okay.” Aubrey stands up and puts her Converse on. I grab my jacket off a hook in the front hall. Aubrey opens the door for me, and I step out onto the porch. Aubrey follows me out, and closes the door.

“Good luck tomorrow,” Aubrey says.

“Thanks. I’ll make sure to wear my bracelet.” This makes Aubrey smile. “You know I wear it everyday.” Aubrey looks up at me… in shock.

“Wow,” is all Aubrey manages to say. Then she snaps out of it. “Well, good luck tomorrow.”

“Thanks,” I say, like I’m in a trance. Before I know it, I kiss her.



So, I said I'd jazz it up a bit so I left it with that cliff hanger! Were you expecting that? There will be more jazz in the next chapters, and you'll get Aubrey's P.O.V. of the kiss! Please leave comments, and like/favorite if you like it so far! It would mean the world to me! Thank you so much for reading and please keep checking back for updates! :) ~Mel

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