The Boy Next Door

Aubrey Coles just moved to Holmes Chapel, England from NYC. Aubrey meets the boy next door, Harry Styles, who is going to audition for the X Factor. They become best friends, but who wants to be more than friends? Harry makes it through the auditions, and has to go to boot camp. His mom invites Aubrey along, and she accepts. But why does a phone call make Aubrey suddenly leave?


11. Chapter 11.

“Mom!” I called out, a sob escaping my lips. Footsteps rush from the kitchen, a figure soon embracing me in a hug.

“Aubrey, we have to get to the hospital now. Your father is there undergoing surgery in the emergency room.” Mom speaks quickly, grabbing items as she goes. “Come on, let’s go.”

We rush into the garage, getting into the car. Mom speeds over the limit, but she makes sure it’s not too much. No cop stops us, and we make it to the hospital in record time. I don’t bother asking questions, knowing she is stressed out already. I don’t want to annoy her.

“We’re here to see Phil Coles,” Mom informs the receptionist.

“I’m sorry, but he’s not able to see anyone at the moment,” the small woman behind the desk replies.

“We are his immediate family,” Mom argues.

The woman sighs. “Room 234, second floor.” She hands us our visitor passes and points us towards the elevators.

“Thank you,” Mom breathes out.

We reach the elevators, find the floor, then soon find the room. Mom knocks lightly, and a short nurse opens the door, smiling.

“Phil is undergoing surgery right now. He will be back from the unit shortly, if you’d like to wait out here.” She points to two chairs outside the room.

“Thank you,” Mom says, smiling at the nurse.

Hour after hour, after aggravating hour, we wait. Not until five hours later does Dad come out of the surgery unit. He is asleep, but we are allowed inside.

“The medicine should wear off soon. He will be awake, but he will be tired and sore. Press the red button if anything should go wrong, but nurses will be in and out of the room occasionally,” the doctor tells us. We nod as he exits the room, closing the door behind him.

It is three hours before Dad wakes up, and in that time we ate dinner in the cafeteria and looked around in  the hospital’s gift shop. We now enter the room to find Dad propped up in bed watching TV.

“Dad!” I exclaim, much excitement in my voice. A huge smile is on both of our faces, and I hug him lightly, not wanting to hurt him.

“Oh, come on. Hug me tighter! I’m hurt on my legs, not my arms!” he tells me. I do what he says, and then Mom hugs him.

“It’s so good to see you,” she says, love in her eyes.

“I’ve missed you much. It feels good to see you both! You don’t know how much I’ve missed you!” Dad smiles at us, but I can see the drowsiness in his eyes.

“Dad, what happened?” I couldn’t help but ask.

He sighed. “I was in combat when a grenade came close. I never saw it come, but soon I was laying on the ground with my legs blown off. Luckily, one of my best mates was there with me, so he got me here.”

I stared at him in shock. “Dad…” I whispered, but then he pulled down the bed sheets, exposing his legs- or should I say, prosthetics. I gasped.

“I’ll either be in a wheelchair, or if I’m feeling okay, I’ll walk. Since they were just put on, I’m sore and won’t be moving anytime soon.” He gave a weak smile.  My mother started to weep. “Sh, it’s okay. I’m fine, really.”

“You look like you’re in pain,” she said.

“I’m fine. I’ll no longer be working in combat, but in the  base.” Mom nodded at his words. “Oh, I almost forgot. I got these for you both,” Dad said, grabbing two chains from his bedside table.

“Thank you so much!” I exclaimed, looking at the silver jewelry. Two dog tags hung on the chain, my name and address imprinted on each. I gave him a tight hug.

“You’re welcome, Sweetheart. Now, how has the new house been? Made any friends, yet, Sweetheart?” Dad asked Mom and I.

“Well, she’s been hanging out with a boy lately,” Mom told him.

“Hm, is that so?” Dad looked at me, his eyebrows raised. I nod  in response, feeling color fill my cheeks. “What’s his name?”

“Harry…Harry Styles.”  


Wow, a new chapter! It's been a while to have one of those! I've been reading more Movellas lately rather than writing, and I apologize for that. After I finish this book (which will be soon) I have another one in progress that I'm really excited about! Thanks for reading! :) ~Mel

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