The Boy Next Door

Aubrey Coles just moved to Holmes Chapel, England from NYC. Aubrey meets the boy next door, Harry Styles, who is going to audition for the X Factor. They become best friends, but who wants to be more than friends? Harry makes it through the auditions, and has to go to boot camp. His mom invites Aubrey along, and she accepts. But why does a phone call make Aubrey suddenly leave?


1. Chapter 1.

*Aubrey's P.O.V.*

My name is Aubrey Coles. I live in Holmes Chapel, England. I moved here one month ago from New York City. I’m 16 years old. I have light brown hair that’s curly, with brown eyes. This place is so different from NYC. No where near as crowded, and different accents. It’s going to need some time to get used to.

There’s a cheeky boy that lives next door. I haven’t talked to him yet. I haven’t made any friends yet because my mom is homeschooling me since there isn’t much left of the school year. Word on the street is the boy is auditioning on the X-Factor. I hope he gets through because I want to vote for him. My bedroom window faces his, so sometimes I see him writing at his desk. My desk is by my window, too. I wonder if he ever looks at me…

I should really just introduce myself. Why am I so shy? I need to get my thoughts straight. Maybe I should write this stuff down. Where’s a notebook…?

I find one of my notebooks and sit at my desk. I look out my window. He’s there! I smile to myself. He looks up, and I quickly look down, pretending to write. I slowly raise my head up, hoping he didn’t see me looking at him.

Omigosh, he’s looking at me! I think to myself. I can feel my cheeks getting hot. He smiles and waves. I shyly smile and wave back. He goes back to scribbling in his notebook. A second later, he holds it up, so I can read it.

Hi! I’m Harry. It says.

I’m Aubrey. I write back.

How old are you? I’m 16.

Same. I smile.

Cool. I can show you around sometime.

That would be nice.

Harry looks back into his room for a second.

I have to go. See you around. He writes.

Okay. See you around.

Harry gets up from his chair. I sigh. I just made a friend.

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