Dont tell him

I started dating Harry but my dad doesn't know so if your reading this...Don't tell him,
I am Brooklyn, I am 16 and Harry is 18


18. Shopping

Yesterday Harry left. I didn't get to talk to him until this morning


"Hi baby"

"haha hi babe hows the States?" I said making tea

"Its alright, we have our first concert in 6 days in New York"

"really?! I loved shopping in New York" I had to pretend like i had no idea

"Its so big the fans miss you"

"I miss you" i laughed sipping my tea

"I miss you too what are you doing today?"

"Um I am shopping with Perrie at 1 then I am getting my nails done with her then we are shoe shopping what are you doing"

"Meet and Greets, recording same old"

"how the fans treating you?"

"Good! very sweet I will let you go"

"ok love ya!"

"Love you too baby girl!" he hung up with me and it was 12:30 and I started to get dressed.  I but on high waisted white shorts and harrys blue Jack Wills shirt. I curled my hair and she cam around 1:20

"Hey! sorry I am late!" Perrie was so nice

"Its ok! I got to talk to Harry and Niall yesterday!" I said inviting her in

"Thats great! Its really hard having a boyfriend on tour, you ready to go?"

"Yep lets go shopping!" On the way to the mall we talked about her tour, I told her the boys plans, and that I am getting voice lessons for the last performance. When we got there paparazzi was there and hundreds of fans were to. It was easy to get by them,  "what shop first?"

"Um this one!" she said walking into Neman Marius. I got 4/6 dresses and a lot of jewelry

"lets go in here!" i said as we walked into bloomingdales picking out the last two dresses "That was fun and easy" we laughed and got back into the car. On the way home we jammed out to One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Paramore, and Pussy Cat Dolls.

"I have to go Lee-Anne needs me" she said getting into her car

"Ok bye!" I went inside to see rose baskets everywhere I looked at the card which read: Do you believe in second chances? I do. It toke me 5 years to find you, lets make things right, tonight, meet me at the club



Warner and I used to date when I was in middle school until mid-high school. When I left my life to be with harry I forgot about my friends.I decided to meet him. I got at the club around 8 seeing him outside.

"Hey baby" he said with a hug ready to go in

"Oh no we aren't going in until you explain all of this'' i pulled him back

"Well I saw on the news that Harry and Taylor Swift are dating now and the break up must be  hard so i want to show you a fun time." I ran home. I called Harry and started to unchanged looking at people magazines photos

"Hey Babe" Harry said 

"I am packing now!" i said all cheery

"Okay! Are you meeting us here?" he said excited

"No I am moving out," i said annoyed

"What no why?"

"Harry go have fun on tour and tell Taylor I am a big fan and your date with Lux must have been cute! Wait, we never had a date with Lux"

"Brooklyn we aren't-"

"So holding hands and kissing isn't going on a date, okay let me go get Tanner and we will meet up like you and Taylor"

"Brooklyn stop I love-"

"You know that is the second time you cheated on me?"

"You know I didn't-"

"Maybe your trying to tell me something? I get the hint Harry."

"Its not a hint its a-"

"Its over for good, I am breaking up with you" I left the house with all my bags packed. I decided to call Louis

"Lou plans off if I see Harry's face it will be too soon!"

"I know i heard"

"Tell me the truth about them"

"Taylor started hitting on Harry while he was drunk and he thought they were dating so he took he the next day out to tell her about you" I hung up trying to fingure out where to live

"Hey Mollie!"

"Hi girl!"

"Mollie your not dating Niall right?"

"Not anymore why?"

"Do you have your own house?"

"yeah B i do why?"

"Can i live with you?"



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