Dont tell him

I started dating Harry but my dad doesn't know so if your reading this...Don't tell him,
I am Brooklyn, I am 16 and Harry is 18


23. Photoshoot

I got back to Harrys hotel and went in his room

"hello?" all the lights were off. When i turned the lights on I saw Harry at the panino he started to play/sing Dont let me go.

When he finshed he got up and handed me a white rose (my favorite) "Dont let me go baby" he said in his husky voice I nodded and he kissed me and fell on to the couch i put my ear to his chest and right when  was about to fall asleep "Wait! we have to go"

"Go where?' he grabed his favorite jacket and we went in the van "Harry what are we doing?"

"I am fixing my mistake, you have a real photo-soot with Tyra Banks" he said I grabbed his neck and hugged him the whole time. When I first saw Tyra she was well...a model

"Hi Miss tyra" I said smiling and hugged her

"Hi Brooklyn I love your accent" she said laughing

"thank you!" I said looking back at Harry who was holding my hand

"Ok get into hair and make up and we will get you dressed"i nodded and walked into the wardrobe. When I was finished I watched Tyra first so she could show me my favorite photo of her was this:

"Ok Brooklyn your turn" I sat down just watching Harry bite his lip watching me my favorite photo was my first one

after 30 minutes I changed into another bathing suit I managed to talk to Harry for 5 minutes"do you like the photos" i said hugging him

"yeah" he said kissing my neck "don't leave tommorw" he said holding both my hands

"I have to" tyra pulled me to take another picture Harrys favorite was this one

After an hour I got changed into my street clothes again "So now you have 5 frames to take a perfect but its profile" I looked at Harry across the room who was smiling and beaming. I just used 4 frames and they were all bad but the 5th one was perfect like this

"Brooklyn can I talk to you outside" Tyra said with no emotion "You have a modeling gift please don't forget it, I want you to come to Paris with me in 3 weeks"

"What about Harry?" 

"Brooklyn talk it over we leave in 3 weeks for 5 months"

"I'll think about it highly thank you" Harry walked out and we went in the van

"You looked so gorgeous babe" Harry said holding my hand

"Thank you so much" I said unexcited 

"What's wrong" he said looking into my eyes

"Tyra wants me to go to Paris with her" he hugged me and kissed me

"Why's that bad?" he said holding me

"The trip is for 5 months" he let go and frowned and rubbed his eyes

"So you wouldn't be able to see a concert" I shook my head no "Go" he whispered in my ear

"really?" he nodded "then I am not leaving until I leave for Paris" he toke me in for a hug and a kiss he cared for real this time i know it too


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