Dont tell him

I started dating Harry but my dad doesn't know so if your reading this...Don't tell him,
I am Brooklyn, I am 16 and Harry is 18


13. Photoshoot with harry

When we got out of the car going to some modeling place I tweeted

@brooklyndecksxoxo: Harrys being the photographer #notakward

"Babe get into Hair and makeup"

"Ok Haz"

---------Harry P.O.V----------

After Brooke's hair and makeup done.

"is she almost done?" i said impatiently

"10 more minutes Harry" Lou said "ok done."

I got ready to take her photos when i saw her in a dress.

"You look stunning bab-" 

"Harry? Harry Styles?! I cant believe it!" some girl ran up and hugged Harry "Oh sorry, I am Alice Harry's ex-girlfriend"

"Yeah um Alice what are you doing here?" I was so annoyed

"I heard that you were in here and I wanted you to take my photos too! Sweet heart if you don't mind," she pushed Brooklyn and reveled a gorgeous dress "come on Harry take the photos!" she laughed

---------Brooklyn P.O.V------------------

I was a bit mad she just walked in, she was also so pretty but extremely rude. We are now all sitting around eating lunch, Alice keeps talking to Harry and I was sitting watching them eating with Lou.

"Brooklyn!" i heard Alice scream "get me some water will you? Thank you!"

"She's jealous of you Brooklyn. Her and harry will never get back together"

"he's not even over here.." i sighed

"He'll come around!" Lou and I kept talking and it got less weird then Harry and alice went into another room 

"I should go get Harry"

"NO" she shouted 

"lou we have to go-" the door swung open and Harry and Alice were kissing, I didn't cry or walk out "Harry how about one direction leaves sooner because I never want to se your face ever again! Lou can you take me home?" she nodded

"i am sorry" she said as she dropped me off at Harry's house

"yeah me too"

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