Dont tell him

I started dating Harry but my dad doesn't know so if your reading this...Don't tell him,
I am Brooklyn, I am 16 and Harry is 18


16. Motel

When we got the room, of course they only had one room so first thing i did was go on the couch and watch T.V Zayn and Liam started wrestling on the floor niall and louis were playing cards and Harry and I were watching T.V.

"Niall ew" I screamed and ran outside all the boys were laughing.

"Master Farter"Niall said proud i went back in the room starting to get under the covers

"Want anything I am getting tea in the lobby?" Harry said kissing me

"coffee I have no energy Thanks" he nodded and left. I got up and heard the boys fighting "what are you yelling at?"

"Who do you like the most?" Louis said

"Harry" I said and sat back down and laughed

"Good awnser!" Louis hugged me "So we are planning that you come once a month to a concert and get backstage passes then the last day of our tour you come out on stage and sing"

"Sounds good  but how are you gonna hide me?"

"You will be at the location with us just not where Harry knows where you are, then when its souppose to be our last song you sing to Harry then Harry sings to you" Niall said

"What if he's mad i am there?" i said taking a bite into an apple

"Brooklyn he was crying in the car...he's not going to be mad" Liam laughed

"God, Lou wheres El i need to shop with someone for an outfit"

"She's in Africa, Zayn where's Perrie?" Louis walked to the door making sure harry wasn't there

"Perrie's on tour but will be back on Sunday" Zayn said

"Wait whats today?" i said nevous

"Its Friday why?"

"Ugh god i forgot i had a modelling thing...oh well" i laughed "I am gonna call Perrie tommorw so we could plan shopping"

"I am back" Harry said "whats going on?" we were all sitting there pretty awkward.

"Nothing did you get me coffee?" i jumped on his back

"Of course" he pulled me over and carried me bride style "boys look who i caught" everyone laughed "So tommorw we're leaving?" 

"Thats the plan" Liam said

"Where are we?" Niall said

"5 hours out of London" Liam said

"who's driving home?" Zayn asked

"I will" Louis said

"Oh hell no your not" Liam said we all laughed "I will"

"I am gonna watch a movie anyone want to join in-" I jump on the bed with Harry and before I knew it all the boys were around me. I fell asleep in a matter of seconds. I felt everyone gat up except Harry, Harry went under the covers, i whispered"Your eyes are so-" he kissed me

"we only have a week left lets make the most of it" he said with his fingers in my hair

"Harry why are you so sad about this we've been apart for a year before?' I said still under the covers with him

"Honestly, that year was the worst year of my life, I would always drink tea alone, and sleep alone, the fans knew I wasn't-" 


"Why?" Harry said putting his arm around me

"Your gonna make me cry Haz" i said crying

"I am going to miss you Brooke"

"Miss you too Harry" it was like 9pm and we both fell asleep. Louis, Niall, and Zayn slept in one bed and Liam slept on the couch.


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