Dont tell him

I started dating Harry but my dad doesn't know so if your reading this...Don't tell him,
I am Brooklyn, I am 16 and Harry is 18


22. In the States

When we got in the States I saw the boys and gave them all hugs . 

"Hazz I can't stay here i am here to look at house" I said laughing because he picked me up

"Ok lets go" Harry said pulling my arm

"no no no harry you boys have interview" Lou Teasdale said 

"Bye Harry" I smiled about to leave until Harry pulled my arm 

"you forgot to kiss me" he kissed me and I messed up his Harry. On my way to the first house Harry liked I had to keep in mind there has to be privacy, a gate and has to have 7 bedrooms.The first house was so gorgeous Harry would love to live here but it had no gate and paparazzi would be everywhere. The second house had a gate and was very private but it was too far from anything. The third house had everything the boys would love, a movie room for Liam, 5 refrigerators for Niall, a bathroom of all mirrors for Zayn, a big bed for Harry, and a pool for Louis. It had a gate and was perfect.

"Hey Harry!"

"Hi babe! Did you find a house?"

"Yeah put me on speaker!"

"OK your on speaker with the boys"

"I found a 8 bedroom 7 bathroom house with a pool, hot tub, gate, movie room, huge bedrooms, a mirror bathroom, pool table, 10 flat screens,  5 refrigerators its so big and already has furniture  in it"

"How much is it?" Liam asked

"its 7.9 million is that ok?"

"yeah  just come back babe!" Harry said

"Ok be back in 30"  I hung up with Harry

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