Dont tell him

I started dating Harry but my dad doesn't know so if your reading this...Don't tell him,
I am Brooklyn, I am 16 and Harry is 18


15. His interview

When we got their fans gave me flowers and teddy bears and asked to take pictures with me. I waited off-stage on the side so i could still see Harry. He looked at me and smirked. I looked down at my phone and saw his text

Harry:Why do you always have to wear clothes

Brooklyn:Pay attention

Harry:I can't i keep thinking of you

I looked up and saw Harry licking his lip and smiling at the ground "Harry!" Louis started hitting him then everyone did

"I am sorry I don't understand" the interview said

"Well.." Louis said "every time Harry does that he has little imagines of his girlfriend and him in-"

"Woah Lou why spill all that" Harry said 

"Is she here now?" the interviewer asked he nodded "Does she want to come on stage" he looked over at me and nodded. I walked on stage waving and smiling

"Hi I am Brooklyn!"

"HI! I am Robin! Now how do you feel around the boys and how do they feel around you?"

"Um" i looked at the boys and they smiled "Harrys an amazing boyfriend, Niall is like a best friend, Louis is like a brother, Zayn is like a best model friend, and Liam is the best person to watch a movie with"

"I love her she's mine" Harry said

"She's a baby sister" Louis said

"She's a skinny good eater" NIall said

"She a good cuddlier" Liam said

"She's a model friend" Zayn said they all laughed and we left. All the boys hugged me

"Ew you guys smell" I laughed Harry put his arm around me

"How was my text" Harry smirked i punched him in the arm 

"your so weird" I said and go into the van "where are we going?" I looked out the window

"The 6 of us have an interview" harry said

"I need a nap" I put my head on harrys lap 

"Go to sleep then its 8 hours away" Harry laughed. I fell asleep for about 3 hours. when i woke up i looked up at Harry. "Have a nice dream" I nodded i yawned. I didnt want to lift my head from Harrys lap. He started to rub my head. "I love you" I looked up when i saw tears in his eyes

"Harry why are you crying" i laughed

"The Lads and I have to go in a week" i sat up and wiped his eyes "promise well stay in touch?"

"Harry you gone for 6 months not 6 years" we both laughed "If you need me i am a phone call away okay?" he nodded 

"Boys bad news, interviews ben rained out we have to stay at a motel for the night" Liam said we all got out at the nearest motel.




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