Dont tell him

I started dating Harry but my dad doesn't know so if your reading this...Don't tell him,
I am Brooklyn, I am 16 and Harry is 18


4. Head Lines

"Hey baby!" Harry said making breakfast

"Hey Babe!" I was still half alseep on the couch.

"Your phones ringing its Mollie" harry handed me the phone

"Hey Mol-"

"YOU AND HARRY BROKE UP??" she said all scared

"No i am at his flat now!"

"Look on people magazine! ASAP" I hung up and looked on line

It read: HARRY STYLES! One Directions boy heartthrob left the club with some girl...NOT HIS GIRL FRIEND! While his girlfriend, Brooklyn Decks was spotted here. Don't belevie us?!?

Here's Harry with an stanger girl ;)

And he's is GIRLFRIEND in another mans arms???

 Is this a cheating game? Are they broken up? We will bring you the TRUTH on People Magazine 



"Harry do you see this?" he came over to me crying "thats not even me!"

"Dont worry about it Brooklyn I have an interview today I will work everything out" he kissed me on the head as I looked at the picture on my computer and the picture of the guy.

"Hello? Tanner?"

"yeah Hey Brooklyn!"

"Hey I am sorry about that thing on people magazine" i said Harry looked confused

"Its okay! So if you and Harry broke up do you want to get together?"

"Oh um me and Harry are dating but you seem really nice!"

"Do you want to still catch coffee?"

"I'll see bye!"


"Why does he keep annoying you?" Harry said all mad on the porch

"Harry," i said rubbing his shoulders "he is a friend.." i kissed his neck and he torned around "nothing else, would it make you feel better if you went out to lunch with the two of us?"

"I can't i have an interview then a concert then-"

"trust me" i rubbed down his arm "i would never do anything to hurt you"

"Your right..I over reacted, how about I take you and 3 friends shopping tommorw?!"

"Sounds good go get ready for your interview" he nodded and kissed me and went inside. I stayed out on the porch thinking about  Tanner and Harry and my mom and dad, "Tanner?"


"we could go get coffee in 20 on 3rd street as friends"

"ok see you in 20!"


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