Dont tell him

I started dating Harry but my dad doesn't know so if your reading this...Don't tell him,
I am Brooklyn, I am 16 and Harry is 18


6. Harry Pick up

"Hey babe you ok?" he said as he pulled up beside me

"No not really can i go to your interview?" he noded and i had the air on full blast and my head was going crazy

"what friends are you bring to the mall with you?"

"Me Mollie Grace and Julia" he nodded

"all blondes?"

i laughed and hit him and then kissed him after.

"What time should I tell em?"

"ehhhhh around....4:30" i nodded and texted them all

"Hey mom its Brooklyn a few friends and I are going to the mall at 4:30 i am sleeping over my friend eleanors house kkbyeeee"

"Liar" harry laughed

"for me to see you i have to lie, but its worth it" he kissed me again

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