Dont tell him

I started dating Harry but my dad doesn't know so if your reading this...Don't tell him,
I am Brooklyn, I am 16 and Harry is 18


12. Beach

"Harry? why are we here?" i ran up to him then saw our dinner on the ocean

"Do you like it?" i couldn't stop smiling and i nodded. he kept taking pictures of me then we sat down

"Let me see your phone" he passed his phone over and I deleted every photo  except for this one 

"So um we have an interview tommorw" harry said unnder his breath

"what time?" i said eating the salad

"ehhh like 4 but we have to be there at 1"

"Ok-" i felt so bad that my phone started ringing "hello?"

"hi can I talk to brooklyn decks?" he woman on the other line said

"this is she, speaking?" I looked at Harry confused and he gave me a look back 

"This is Elizabeth from Englands Modeling Agency we saw some of your photos and was very interested. I am calling to get an interview with you, is Friday ok?"

"Yes its fine"

"Friday at 1, now can I ask you 5 questions we need to know, your age, full name, relationship status and if you have a boyfriend their name"

"I am 18. My full name is Brooklyn Brinley Decks, my relationship status is taken by Harry Styles"

"Ok thank you see you on Friday" she hung up and i started smiling

"Who was that" Harry said drinking the wine i got him

"Englands Modeling Agency they want me as a model!" 

"oh my god! You are going to do a photoshoot and I will take the pictures tommorw"

"HAHA ok! Want to go home now?"

"No lets sleep here!" 

"Harry we dont have a bed."

"i brought towels and pillows and blankets" 

"Get them out and we'll stay" i said sitting down on the sand "harry why'd you really want me to come here?"

he ran back from the car with the pillows and set up to beds "I have to go in a month for touring"

"its ok I will be there-"

"management said no girlfriends" he put his head down "Perrie's on tour and Eleanor is working in Africa"

My eyes fill with tears and i set my bed up a far distant away from Harry's. I kept running my fingers thur my hair not being able to sleep. it was 3 in the morning and my phone started to buzz. "hello?"

"brookey" i heard Harrys husky voice say

"what harry?"

"I want to sleep with you.." i saw his shadow get up

"Ew your sick its 3 am"

he started to laugh "No just lay down with me, we won't talk just cuddle" I got up and went to him " i won't leave unless you are ready" i nodded and started sobbing. "why are you crying" he sat me

 "I want you to go" i laughed "I just dont want you to leave me"

"Brooklyn I will never leave you"

"Just hold me now because thats all i need to know" 

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