Dont tell him

I started dating Harry but my dad doesn't know so if your reading this...Don't tell him,
I am Brooklyn, I am 16 and Harry is 18


17. a week Later

Its been a week since we were at the hotel. Harry put his bags away and sat me on top of the hood of the car.

"I am going to dream about you every night and think about you every day" he said and i laughed

"And I will have to keep myself busy because the only friends I have are Little Mix" he laughed i looked down and frowned

"what is it?"

"6 months is a long time Haz" i looked at him who was sad already

"We will be ok I promise." on the way to the airport Harry and I held hands. I already talked to Perrie about shopping and I need to talk to Louis about the plan. Harry started humming a song and I looked at him "What?"

"Don't show off" i punched him. He started singing really loud and I couldn't help but laugh. When we got to the airport Harry took out his luggage. "This is goodbye.." i looked at the ground and back at him

"Hey its never going to be goodbye, its just...see you soon"

I nodded"Just don't fall in love with some one else"

"Never!" he hugged me and started to cry "We're going to be okay-" his voice cracked and i kissed him crying

"We will be okay, we WILL" I squeezed him "Now go on and show the Harry Styles I feel in love with" he nodded chocking up "Come on Harry we will keep in touch" he nodded and i watched him get to the airport.

"Hey Babe how's life without Hazz?" Lou laughed as I pulled out from the airport

"Lonely and terrible but are all the tickets and passes mailed?"

"Yeah, you will see Harry in 1 week!"

"Thats great thank you I love you!"

"love you too!" after I hung up with him I pulled in the driveway and got washed. I sat outside on the porch for like 3 hours with my tea when I got a text from Niall


Niall:Just arrived in USA, Harrys waiting for your text

Brooklyn: awww! Have fun love you all I can't wait to see guys xx I will text him after I get out of the shower

Niall: OK! I will tell him B xx


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