Hailey Smith is 17 years old. She lives in San Jose, California with her dad after her parents got divorced. Her dad plays for the San Francisco 49ers, and he got married to Madison. She works at Island Def Jam Music group with L.A. Reid and a lot more artists. When Hailey was younger she got the opportunity to win a contest to become a cheerleader and dance. Justin sees her on the news and wants to find Hailey. Does Justin find her? If so, What does Justin want from her? Will they ever date in the future? What if, Austin Mahone meets Hailey and wants to take Hailey from Justin? What will happen? Read to find out........ And by the way the Magcon Boys are in it too....


31. Why are you so jealous?

~~~Sep. 28, 2012~~~ 

1 days left to start the World Tour


After helping my old school get into state and getting in I've been so busy. I'm there coach anymore because I'm busy rehearsing for the Believe Tour.

Today is the last day the dancers and I will be practicing in the studio. Tomorrow is the first official day of the Believe World Tour. This tour lasts for about a year and a half. I'm not too excited because I will miss my family, friends, and most importantly I won't get to see Austin as much. Austin has been doing shows himself so I haven't seen him but we facetime and text all the time. 

It's 9:00 and I'm waking in Justin's house. I came to Justin's house about 2 days ago so we could rehearse. Rehearsals start at 10:30ish, I'm not real sure. I get out of my room so I can wake Justin up. 

I walk into his room. 

Me: Justin Bieber wake up we have to go to rehearsals. 

Justin: Just 5 more minutes...please that's all I'm asking.

Me: And all I'm asking is for you to wake up

I grab his pillow and smack him in the head. 

Justin: What was that for?

Me: I want you to wake up

Justin; Okay, But...

Me: But....What....Mr. Bieber?

Justin: I want you to cuddle with me Miss. Smith.

Me: Correction...Mrs. Mahone and no I will not cuddle with you.

Justin: Please don't say Mrs. Mahone...I don't like that name. But please cuddle with me just for 5 minutes.

Me: Nope...

Popping the`p`

Justin: Well too bad...

Before I could say anything, Justin had grabbed me and laid me next to him.

Me: Justin I don't want to do this right now...I already have to be with you for almost 2 years...can't you wait atleast until I'm single?

Justin: Wait are you going to break up with Austin?

Me: I never said that. Now get up and change before we are late too your own rehearsals.

I got out of Justin's arms to change. 

Justin's POV

Me: Wait are you going to break up with Austin?

Is she going to be single. Finally she can be in my arms. 

Hailey: I never said that. Now get up and change before we are late too your own rehearsals.

Hailey had left to change. Damn that ass and her boobs. Justin stop you have a girlfriends. Selena and I are dating again after my plans at her birthday party didn't work.

I finally got up and changed. I changed into black crotch pants, white v-neck, and red supras. I brushed my teeth and did my hair. 

I went out to see if Hailey was ready. Damn Hailey is fine. I thought to myself

she was wearing this 


Her ass and boobs were....perfect. Why am I dating Selena she's the complete opposite of Hailey. Hailey had boobs and an ass while Selena had a little bit of boobs and ass. Justin staring. Oh no......I could feel Jerry getting exciting. Before Hailey got out of her room I went downstairs to the living room so she  wouldn't see Jerry.  

Hailey: You ready to go. 

Me: Yeah let me get my keys. 

I took my Frisker to rehearsals. My photo went off, I checked the caller ID it was Selena.

From: Babe<3

Goodmorning babe! Are going to your rehearsals today?

To: Justin!

Goodmoring Beauitful!!;) Yeah I'm on my way to them now. Why?

From: Babe<3

I want to see you.!

To: Justin!

We can go to lunch at 12ish to panera.

From: Babe<3

Alright see you later.. Love you!!xoxoxxxx

To: Justin!

Love you too!!xxxxx

The last thing I wanted to see was Selena I want to spent it with Hailey but that's going to change and rune my plans. 

Hailey's POV

I was in the car with Justin. I'm guessing he was texting Selena while I texted Austin. Austin told me he was in Cali in the studio. He was going to pick me up at 12 to have lunch with him.

Justin: Who were you texting?

Me: Austin, U?

Justin: Selena!

Justin didn't seen too happy that I was texting Austin but I'm dating Austin not Justin.

Me: Justin.

Justin: Hailey.

Me: I have a question.

Justin: What's your question?

Me: Why do you get so mad when I say anything about Austin? You don't see me getting mad at you and Selena. Are you jealous?

Justin: Me Justin Drew Bieber I'm so jealous you must be joking. 

Me: Whatever don't lie to me. I've know you for about 4 year now and I know you're jealous. I know you still love me.

Justin: You got me I still love you Hailey.

Justin grabbing my hand and intertwined our hands.

Me: But why? You lost me when you cheated on me with Selena. I'm pretty sure you love Selena way more than me.

Justin: I don't love Selena, I like her. But I LOVE you. when you first told me you where dating Austin my heart broke into little pieces. 

Justin still loves me but I love Austin. I'm still not understanding him.

Me: We may not be dating but I'll always be by your side.

[A/N: Two chapter in one night!!!(: It's not too late I might just write another one!

What do you think will happen to Justin and Hailey?

If Justin's not in love with Selena, why are they still dating?

Is Justin trying to make Hailey jealous by dating Selena?

Why is Justin so jealous of Austin?

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