Hailey Smith is 17 years old. She lives in San Jose, California with her dad after her parents got divorced. Her dad plays for the San Francisco 49ers, and he got married to Madison. She works at Island Def Jam Music group with L.A. Reid and a lot more artists. When Hailey was younger she got the opportunity to win a contest to become a cheerleader and dance. Justin sees her on the news and wants to find Hailey. Does Justin find her? If so, What does Justin want from her? Will they ever date in the future? What if, Austin Mahone meets Hailey and wants to take Hailey from Justin? What will happen? Read to find out........ And by the way the Magcon Boys are in it too....


58. Meeting his family

~~~July 2013~~~

Austin and I are dating. It's been about a month now. His mahomies love me, which is good.

I've been on tour with Justin and lets just say it's been crazy. We are on good terms now and were letting the past go and focusing on the present and future. 

Today we are in Dallas. Austin is in Texas visiting family so they're all going to all come and see me. I'm really excited and nervous because I'm meeting all his family then after the concert we're going to dinner. 

Justin's doing a sound check and I'm backstage getting ready for the show. Tonight I will be dancing to almost all the songs except for like 2 or 3. I'll be pick the one less lonely girl like I've done for almost all the show since the tour started. In his last tour Allison pick the girl out but know its my job. It crazy getting to pick the girl because they all try and get my attention anywhere they see me. But I can only pick 1, which is sometimes sad. I wish I could choose more but I can't.

J: Hailey...

I hear Justin running out of breath coming to me.

M: What do you?

J: I'm going to the meet and greet in like 5 minutes. Do you want to come with?

M: Yeah but let me get Kylie so I won't get bored.

J: Okay I'm going to change real quickly and I'll meet you here in 5.

M: Okay sounds good.

I went to go get Kylie she was in the lounge with Ryan and Chaz. They've been one the tour for about 3 weeks now. They've become like my brothers throughout the year of being together alot.

M: Kylie come with me to the meet and greet Justin want me to go with him, but I don't want to go alone. 

R: Oh Justin wanted you go to with him

M: I'm dating Austin Mahone. 

C: Yeah she's dating Mr. Mahone.

R: Have you had sex with Austin yet?

M: No. What kind of question is that?
C: Its a good question? Is he a virgin?

M: Yeah he's a virgin

K: She'll most likely take his virginity away any day now.

M: Yeah. Probably. Well we gotta go Justin's going to be waiting for us.

Kylie and I went to meet with Justin. My phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID to see it was Austin. 

M: Hey.

A: Hey babe. What are you doing? 

M: I'm on my way to Justin's Meet and Greet. You?

A: On my way to see you. I'll be there in like 5 minutes. How are we getting backstage?

M: Who's all coming backstage?

A: The foolish four only the other are going to stay on the arena. 

M: Okay well when you're here. Text me and I'll meet you in the back. Go all the way to the back. If you have your pass they will let you in.

A: Alright babe see you in a few.

M: Alright babe. I love you.

A: I love you more. 

I hung up.

J: You want the D.

K: You mean he wants her V. 

J: I've already seen her V. and its nice I'm not going to lie.

M: Shut up. I was drunk and I didn't know it was you. To be honest I thought it was Austin. I wanna have sex with Austin. I'm not going to lie. But we are always around people it might not be anytime soon.

We got to his meet and greet and fans started coming in. I was on the side sitting down with Kylie. My phone vibrated. It was Austin.

*text message*

Babe<3: Babe. I'm here.! 

M: Alright be there in a min. 

*End of text message*

M: Justin I'll be in the back Austin and his friends are here. The show starts in an hour so I'll be on stage be random. See you later.

J: Alright. Is Kylie going too?

K: Ryan and Chaz are coming because I don't want to be alone. 

J: You have me here. 

K: You're meeting your fans. And I don't want to be alone.

J: Alright and plus there by bros. It's alight but just because its them. and when are you and Ryan gonna date?

K: Wait what? What are you talking about? 

J: You. and Ryan. Need to date. Like now. 

K: Nah. I'm good.

M: Awww you two would look cute together. 

J: See I'm not the only one. 

K: Does he even like me?

Justin and I just looked at each other. 

J: He's liked you since he layed eyes on you. 

M: I'm gonna go know. Before the babe gets mad at me. 

J & K: Alright. 

M: Oh look there's Ryan and Chaz. We were talking about you. But I have to go now. See ya later.

I left before Austin kills me. 


(Scooter- s)

S: Justin and crew 5 minutes until show time.

J: Alright let me just put my shoes on and I'm ready. 

The dancers and I were ready to go. 

S: Ready guys. 

We all put our hands together. 

M: ducks ducks ducks ducks quack quack quack quack sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. It's show time. 

Justin went to put on his wings and the dancer all went to get in position. 

Austin had already left to get in his seat with his friends. 


The show is finally over. I had a blast. I saw Austin and his family in the crowd. I didn't get nervous because I knew what I was doing. 

I'm in my dressing room changing but first I'm going to take a shower. Thankfully they gave us a shower because I have to go to dinner with Austin's family. 

I was about to get in the shower when someone started knocking my door. I went to go see who it was. I opened the door to see the foolish 4!
M: Hey. Guys. 

I gave them all a hug and they congratulated me on doing a great job. 

M: I was about to take a quick shower. I'm all sweaty and yucky. 

A: Take your time. My families talking to Justin's family. They're all backstage. So you're alright. 

M: Alright I'll me back. 

I went to go take a shower. I put on this: (but with out the sunglasses)


and Austin was wearing this:

I left my hair naturally wavy. 

M: Okay I'm ready. I just need to take everything to the bus or I can just tell Kylie to put everything in there. Yeah I'll do that instead.

Z: Bro you're one lucky dude. To have her. 

R: I know right like can I be you. She's a singer, Victoria Secret Model, and dancer. Like what else could you ask for?

A: Hey back off she's mine.

I laugh at them.

Austin grabbed me waist and kissed me in front of them. 

R: Can you please not rub it in. We know she's your's!
A: I'm just making sure.

M: Alright lets go!.

I grabbed my purse and headed out. 

We were walking towards his family. I could already see them.

A: Are you ready to meet them?

R: They'll love I know that for a fact. I mean who would love you?

M: You need a girlfriend.

A: Yeah you really do.

R: Hey I'm trying.

We got to his family he introduced me and I hugged them all. 

Austin was caring Logan his little cousin. 

A: Logan look this is Hailey. She's mine so don't try taking her from me. 

I have Logan a kiss cause he look so cute.

A: Can I have a kiss?

Logan gave me a kiss and Austin was a but jealous. 

A: He's already trying to take my girl. 

(Michelle- MM)

MM: Alright well lets go. Are you guys ready?

M: Let me just tell my friend to put my thing on the bus before I forget. babe can you hold my purse?

A: Yeah. 

M: I'll be right back.

I went to go tell Kylie to put everything in the bus. She said OK and I ran back to they were all at. 

M: Okay I'm ready. 

MM: Lets go cause we are all starving. 

We got into a big limo where everyone could fit. We were all talking and they got to know me. I felt like they liked me. 

~~~ (I'm going to skip dinner because this chapter is already long)~~~
I'm at Austin hotel room. Him and his friends all got there own room. 

M: Why did you 4 get your own room?

R: He wants to get it in with you?

Al: He did buy condoms this morning. 

R: Aren't you still a virgin?

M: Me?
R: No Austin. I know you're not. You have sex with Justin and some other guy who you lost your virginity. 

M: I'm going to be honest the first time I had sex with Justin. Which was at my party I thought it was Austin.

Z: How did you think it was Austin?
M: I was drunk. 

Z: Oh...

Al: Austin been excited for tonight since like who knows.

M: You didn't mention anything to me about have sex.

Z: You'll be meeting Clark tonight. 

We all laughed and Austin's face got red.

M: Awwww.....babe your face is red.

I cupped his face and kissed him. 

M: You're too cute. 

Z: Just do it already.

M: But that means I'll be tried tomorrow and I might be just a tad bit loud. 

R: So you're a screamer and you like is fast and hard. 

M: Okay this is getting awkward already. Thankfully I have my birth control. Because I don't think we want Mahone babies running around here soon. 

A/N: I'm sorry I haven't updated I've been real busy with school. I'll update soon I hope. And I thought this chapter I was going to put the viners in but it'll be the next one or the one after that I'll see. 

Are Austin and Hailey going to have sex?

Are Ryan and Kylie going to be a thing?

Is Justin going to be jealous?

What did Austin's family think of Hailey?

You'll see in the chapter. 

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