Hailey Smith is 17 years old. She lives in San Jose, California with her dad after her parents got divorced. Her dad plays for the San Francisco 49ers, and he got married to Madison. She works at Island Def Jam Music group with L.A. Reid and a lot more artists. When Hailey was younger she got the opportunity to win a contest to become a cheerleader and dance. Justin sees her on the news and wants to find Hailey. Does Justin find her? If so, What does Justin want from her? Will they ever date in the future? What if, Austin Mahone meets Hailey and wants to take Hailey from Justin? What will happen? Read to find out........ And by the way the Magcon Boys are in it too....


16. Leaving for the Jingle Balls

The next day.

---- Hailey's P.O.V----

I woke up in Justin's room but he wasn't in bed. I checked my phone to see if I had gotten any messages from my parents, but I didn't. I got out of bed to see where Justin was. I was about to walk out of the room when I heard Justin and Fredo scream like little kids. I went to see what was going on. While walking into the kitchen I could already see food everywhere. 

"Fredo and Justin, what in the world are you two doing?" I asked them.

They just looked at each other and started laughing. 

"Well.... you see we were bored so we decided to entertain our self some how since we're leaving this afternoon!" Justin said trying to clean up the mess they made

"I'm not going to clean this up, you two have a couple hours to clean this mess up, get packed, and take a shower. Have fun." I said 

"Yes mom" Fredo and Justin said

I went back upstairs to pack some of my clothes that i had left here from the last time I came. It was 11 in the morning, Scooter had told Justin to be ready by 3 o'clock to go to Dallas, Texas for the 2nd show. Justin and Fredo ran in the my room all mess and clovered with all kinds of food. 

"HAILEY!" Fredo said scream running after me

"FREDO. Stop please go take a shower you're all messy and gross!" I told him but he didn't' listen 

"Not until you give Justin and I a hug!" Fredo said

I finally gave up and gave them both a hug, let's get say I was covered with food. I went straight to the bathroom and took a shower. I wore this ~~~~> When i got out of the shower and got ready I heard Justin and Fredo taking showers. While I waited for them, I went downstairs to the kitchen to get some food. I ate a granola bar with some orange juice. Fredo had finished taking a shower already but as so did Justin but he was fixing his hair. Scooter texted me that the limo was going to pick us up at 2. It was already 1:45, so we had to hurry up and get everything outside. 

"JUSTIN, FREDO HURRY UP THE LIMOS ALMOST HERE TO PICK US UP" I was yelling at them while I was watching TV in thee living room. 

I heard the door bell ring and I knew it was time to leave. Justin and Fredo came running downstairs, i grabbed my purse and jacket and went out. The chauffeur had already put all the suitcases in the limo, so we were ready to go.


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