Hailey Smith is 17 years old. She lives in San Jose, California with her dad after her parents got divorced. Her dad plays for the San Francisco 49ers, and he got married to Madison. She works at Island Def Jam Music group with L.A. Reid and a lot more artists. When Hailey was younger she got the opportunity to win a contest to become a cheerleader and dance. Justin sees her on the news and wants to find Hailey. Does Justin find her? If so, What does Justin want from her? Will they ever date in the future? What if, Austin Mahone meets Hailey and wants to take Hailey from Justin? What will happen? Read to find out........ And by the way the Magcon Boys are in it too....


54. Justin's Birthday! Part 2 (15+)


I went to take a shower. I wore a short black dress, louboutin pumps,  my hair was half up and half down, and for make-up smokey eye.


I was done getting ready. I decided to wait for everybody else in the living room. 

Kylie was wearing this:


I was only wearing something more "sexy" because I wanted to mess around with Justin tonight.

While I was waiting for everyone. I took a selfie and posted it on instagram. I put "Tonight's going to be a good night!(;" and seconds later it was getting alot of likes and comments. I didn't read the comment because I know there's going to be so much hate. They're only hating on me `cause I'm with there idol so they try to bring me down. I'm strong and NOTHING can bring me down. 

J: I see you posted a selfie. Can I be in it too?

M: I don't know can you?

I winked and giggled.

M: Sure if you want. Lets go to your room where there's a big mirror.

Justin kept staring at me up and down.

M: Take a picture it'll last longer.

J: I might just take one. It's alright I had you as my home background in a bikini.

I smacked in playfully.

M: Oh that sucks `cause you're not my background.

J: Soon I will don't worry.

M: Okay. Bieber whatever you say!

We were walking into Justin's room.

Oh by this is what he wore 


M: Okay ready...

J: I've been ready.

We posed for about 10 pictures. I put them all together and posted them on Instagram. I put "Birthday Boy and I are ready for the night. (; Let's see what tonight's got in store for us. #Happy19thBirthdayJustin" 

I walked back to the living room were everyone was ready to go.

(Bodyguard- B)

B: Are you guys ready to go `cause there's a lot of fans outside and we have to exit as quick as possibly. 

J: Yeah, we're all ready to go.

We all went downstairs. When we got closer we could here the fans going crazy. 

Za: Damn Hailey's got a nice ass. 

I'm guessing I wasn't suppose to hear because he was talking to Fredo and Justin behind me.

M: Thanks Za!

J: Back away from her ass it's mine not yours. 

Justin's really protective over my ass and boobs as we can see. 

J: Thank god your boobs as out. Those are for me to see tonight.

M: When have I ever confirmed that I would have sex with you?

J: Babe it's alright. I'm covering up ur ass `cause it's mine and nobody elses. 

M: Actually Justin it's mine. Sorry.

Justin was right behind grabbing me by my waist.

B: Okay ready be close to each. There's tons of fans outside and the limo is right out there. You will have to run.

J: Babe, can you run in those heels? Or do I have to carry you?

M: No thanks. I can run. I can even dance in heels.

He bit and licked his lips. 

M: Perv much.

J: Can you bend down also?

M: Justin Bieber stop it know.

J: Alright. Mrs. Bieber.

I just looked at him and turned back around. 

B: Alright ready. GO.

We all ran to the limo. Fans and paparazzi were EVERYWHERE. We got in the limo. Off to the club we go.

~~ Skip limo ride~~

 The driver opened the door. 

Twist: Go..

M: Nah my ass is gonna come out if I do.

J: Twist bro go she's mine.

M: You too mister. Go both of you.

J and Twist: Fine.

We walked into the club. There were people everywhere and music playing. Justin and I walked over to the VIP area, hand in hand. 

Z: Lets all take a shot at the same time. 

M: Ummm...I've never takin a shot. 

J: Bull.. you got drunk at your birthday party.

I laughed.

M: True. Alright only one. But Jaden you can drink. 

J: I won't don't worry.

T: Alright ready. Everyone grab one. 

We all grabbed one and a lime too.

J: Ready. 3....2....1....

We all took the shot and sucked on the lime.

Z: Another one. 

M: Ya'll planning to get me drink...Justin is this part of the plan?

J: No its not.

I looked at him.

M: uhmmmm....sure it's not.

He put his hand on the waist and turned me around. We were looking each other in the eye.

J: I love you Hailey!
M: I love you too Justin!

J: Will you be my girlfriend?

M: Yes Justin I would love to be you girlfriend.

He kissed me rough but at the same time romantic.

God this kid will be the death of me.

I pulled away. 

J: What happened?

M: Lets go dance.

I pulled him to the dance floor. 

We were dancing all night. At time I was grinding on Jerry, getting him ready for tonight!


It's 3 o'clock at night. 

M: I'm tired and sleepy.

J: Please don't go to sleep our nights not done yet.

M: But there all gonna hear me moan. I don't want them hearing me. You know I'm loud.

I was on him bed, he was on top of me.

J: Oh yes baby. I know you're loud and I like it. 

M: I'm not gonna do anything. Sorry!

J: Babe...What if I get another hotel room. Only you and I.

M: Then yes I will.

J: Okay I'll be right back.

Next thing I knew Justin ran to get us another room. 

I was sitting down on Justin bed when Za walks in.

Z: Where did Justin go?

M: Where do you think?

Z: To get condoms?
M: Nope. You'll find out when he gets back. 

Z: He's here. 

J: What were you guys talking about?

Z: Bro if you need condoms I could have gave you some. 

J: Nah. Bro I think they're too small for me but thanks.

We laughed and Za left the room.

J: I got the keys we are on the other side of the building but same floor.

M: Damn, babe you really want to have sex.

J: Let me go get clothes to take a shower tomorrow.

M: Alright babe. Hurry up. 

I went to get cloths and my birth control pills. I HAD to take them tomorrow or else there will be a baby Bieber running around here in 9 months. And that's not gonna happen. I went back to him room with my small suit case.

M: Ready babe.

J: I'm more than ready. Lets go.

Justin and I said bye to everyone. They were all in the living room except the girl that they all brought back they were sleeping but they will probably have sex later.

F: Where are you two going?
J: Don't worry about it.

Z: You're gonna get it in aren't you. Hailey are you loud?

J: Bro don't about it. She's mine now.

Z; Okay sorry. Bye have fun. Don't bring back babies.

M: Ha Ha. funny that's why I take birth control thank you very much. 

J: And I use condoms. 

F: Hahaha just go.

We walk over to the other room.

Justin opened the door. 

M: Justin you didn't have to get this room. 

J: Well I want to treat you like me Queen and I'm your prince. 

M: I love you so much Justin. 

J: I love you too.

The room was huge was actually a suite. 

J: Let's go the bedroom. 

Justin and I dropped our things in the entrance. 



Justin carried me bridal style to the bedroom. He layed me down and he got on top of me. 

M: My ass is coming out if the dress babe. 

J: Here let me help you. 

He took off me dress. 

His hands went straight to my boobs. He started kiss my chest while his hands were unhooking my bra. The bra came off and my boobs went everywhere.

J: Damn babe. You're boobs are the heaven on earth. 

He snicked on one nipple while his other hand massaging the other. Then he switched. I wanted to kiss him. I pulled him up and we made out. His licked my bottom lip to ask for entrance. I gladly let him, his tongue was exploring my mouth. He slowly kissed me neck. He found me soft spot. I moan. He left a mark. 

I took off him shirt and pants.

J: Here babe let me help you. 

He took off his pants and next thing I saw was Jerry say hello to me. 

I got up from the bed and pushed him. It's my turn now. I took off his boxers. 

M: Hello Jerry I haven't seen you in a while.

I lick the tip with my tongue, I slowly lips down to his balls. Justin moaned. I put Jerry in my mouth. I was gagging. Damn he's big. I pumped up and down for a good 5 minutes. 

Justin flipped us over. With his teeth he took off my red lacy thong. He inserted two fingers in me getting me ready. He slid them out and licked them.

J: Damn you're so good. 

He rubbed my cliff and slowly put Jerry in me. I started moaning.

J: Are you ready. 


He started thrusting faster and faster. I was scratching his back. 


He obeyed.

J: Screem my name. 

M: J...UST....IN.

J: Louder so everyone can hear you.

M: J...UST.....IN. Ahhhh...

I flipped us over. I was on top. 

I jumped up and down. Thrusting faster and faster. Justin was massaging me boobs.

J: Babe. I'm gonna gonna cum.

M: Me too.

I felt a warm liquid in me. I got off of him and ate his cum. 

He grabbed Jerry can put more cum in my mouth.

J: Eat it all. 

I ate in and kissed Justin. 

Them we layed next to each other, breathing heavy.

J: I love you Hailey.

M: I love you too Justin.

We kissed. I cuddled next to each other with our bodies naked. 

J: Goodnight my princess!

M: Goodnight my prince!

We both fell asleep!

Wahoooo!! That was alot of action in one day. lol

I hope you guys liked it. 

Love you<3






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