Hailey Smith is 17 years old. She lives in San Jose, California with her dad after her parents got divorced. Her dad plays for the San Francisco 49ers, and he got married to Madison. She works at Island Def Jam Music group with L.A. Reid and a lot more artists. When Hailey was younger she got the opportunity to win a contest to become a cheerleader and dance. Justin sees her on the news and wants to find Hailey. Does Justin find her? If so, What does Justin want from her? Will they ever date in the future? What if, Austin Mahone meets Hailey and wants to take Hailey from Justin? What will happen? Read to find out........ And by the way the Magcon Boys are in it too....


55. It's a good day!

Justin's P.O.V

I woke up to the most beautiful girl next to me. I hope she can be in my arms for a long time because she's the only one that can keep me going. She makes be a better guy. When she's not with me I feel like I'm missing someone. She's part of me and if she's not with me I will go crazy.

I was had my hands around he waist and her head was on my chest. I moved a piece of her hair behind her ear, I gave her a kiss on the forehead. She started to wake up. 

M: Morning Babe.

H: Morning Justy!

M: How did you sleep?

H: I slept amazing except I have a feeling that when I get up I will most likely be sore and not able to walk.

M: That just means I did my job perfect. 

H: I think you did a little too good. 

I laughed and gave her a kiss on her lips. 

She could feel she wanted more than a kiss. She bit my lip I know she wants in my mouth. I let her have control of me. Damn can she get any hotter, I love when a girl takes control. She herself over so she was on top. I'm guessing this will most likely turn into morning sex. Which I'm fine with. 

I grabbed her boobs and started rubbing her nipples. This girl had boobs that any guy would would. Have I even told you how lucky I was? She let out a small moan. Oh no. Jerry was getting a little too happy. I flipped us over so now I could show her who's the one that can control better.

I started kissing her next until I found her soft spot. I started sucks on her neck, she let out a loud moan. Slowing I trailed kisses to one boob, then I switch. I put my hand on her cliff and started rubbing to get her ready for Jerry. Jerry's not very small and he liked to have fun. 

H: Justy just get him in me. 

M: Hold on babe I can't forget my condom .

I grabbed my jeans and took out the condom. (By the way we used a condom yesterday too). I ripped it open and put it on. 


Damn she will be the death of me. I just want to eat her up right now. But if I don't put Jerry in here she'll kill me. 

With the tip of Jerry, I was warming her up. Slowing I inserted him in. Next thing I know Hailey flipped us of. I can see she woke up horny and wants control of me. 

She started riding me like a cowboy. Her ass was making clapping sounds on my balls and torso. I grabbing onto her boobs since they were going everywhere but I didn't mind. 


She moan.

J: OHH. HAI.....L.....EY..... I....M ......G....O.....NN.....A...EX..P..LO..DE

I flipped us over before I started cuming. I grabbing Jerry and put him in Hailey's mouth so she would eat me. But before I could grab him she cummed on me Jerry I cleaned her out and she ate my clum. 

I layed next to her breathing heavily. Damn I'm so tired. 

H: Babe. I'm going to take a shower cause I feel so dirty. When are we leaving for the next concert.

M: I'm not sure probably in about a hour or two.

H: Alright I;m gonna take a shower than you can go next.

Before she could leave I grabbed he waist and pulled her next to me.

M: Babe can I shower with you?

H: No you can't sorry babe.

M: Please.

I gave her the puppy face `cause I know she always says yes.

M: Please princess. I'm going to miss you.

H: We has sex last night and like 2 minutes. 

M: Plwase. I lwve you.

She peck me lips.

H: Fine Mr. but only today don't think this is a normal thing.

M: I will take a shower with you when ever I want because you're my baby.

I gave her the biggest hug. God I love this girl.

H: Come on Mr. Bieber.

She got up first than I got up. I stared at her amazing body. I slapped her ass. She jumped. I laughed so hard at her reaction that I was crying. 

H: Babe. Why?

M: `cause you mine and you will be my wife one day. 

H: Oh really who said that?

M: I did.

She turned on the warm water. She hopped in, I hopped in after her. 


(Scooter- S Allison- A)

M: Babe. Are you almost ready Scooter and Allison will be here any minute. Scooter already texted me.

H: Yeah just give me one minute.

She was in the bathroom finishing up, while I was picking everything up because our next place is Nottingham, UK. 

M: Okay I'm ready. 

She can out wearing this:

She was a beautiful as always. I was wearing this:

Well except my hair was spikes up. 

H: Awww babe look at us we are almost matching. 

M: That's how cute we are together. 


??: Come on Justin and Hailey we gonna leave in like 5 minutes we'll wait for you in the lobby.

That would be Scooter.

M: Alright, we'll be there in a couple of minutes. 

H: Alright let's go before they all kills us.

M: Okay but can I have one more kiss?

She gave a peck on the lips. Gosh, I love this girl so much.

I intertwined my hand with hers and we left the room.


Hailey's P.O.V.

S: Will be arriving in about 10 minutes. Justin you will be going straight to arena and practice the dancer and other people should be they. While the rest of us go to the hotel to put the luggage up. Will be staying there for the night then going to London. Justin you have 4 shows in London so about a week we'll be starting there. Any questions?

J: Yes. Are Hailey and I going to have a room together?

F: Well are you two going to sleep or have sex?

M: ha ha ha you're so funny. It was his birthday and he wanted birthday sex.

S: Hailey just stop...

M: Well I'm sorry but he wanted to know. 

R: And I bet they also had morning sex or even shower sex `cause they smell like sex of all over them. 

Justin and I laughed.

J: You're just jealous you don't have her as your girlfriend.

R: You're right bro. I am jealous, I'm not going to lie.

Flight A.: Every please sit down and buckle down. We'll be landing soon. 

M: We'll if it's Justin definition of SOON it'll be in like hours.

Everyone laughed.

J: Babe you're too funny.

M: I know I am.

The plane had officially landed. 

M: Okay. So it wasn't your definition of soon that's good.

J: I'm going to hurt you....with kisses.

He attacked me face with kisses. 

M: Justin stop.

F: That's what she said last night.

Everyone laughed. Except me I was blushing. I covered up my face on Justin's chest.

C: Aww is she blushing.

I turned around and smacked Chaz on the arm. 

C: Ouch. That hurt. 

M: Good.

We got up to leave for either the arena or hotel. 

Justin and I were holding hands getting off the plane. The minute we got off fans were EVERYWHERE. 

I had to leave with Scooter. 

J: No Hailey go with me Scooter is fine by himself.

M: Justin you'll be fine. I'll be there tonight watching you're whole show don't worry. 

S: Come on Hailey. Let's go!

I gave Justin one last kiss. Flashes were everywhere but I didn't care.

M: Bye babe.

J: Bye. See you tonight. Love you!

M: Love you too!

I got in the truck with Scooter, Allison, and rest of the crew.

A: How was last night Hailey?

M: It was good.

A: Just good or really good?

M: I'm not gonna say anything. How was yours?

A: Well I don't know `cause I'm guessing you forgot that my room was right next to yours. So I heard you.

I was embarrassed.

F: Ahhh J...U...ST...IN.....

M: I hate you all so much. I'm pretty sure you guys had birthday sex on your birthday so it's nothing new. 

A: It's alright we've already been there. Did you guys use condoms?

M: Yes and can we drop the topic?

S: Yes please. I would love that!
We arrived at the hotel. We all got our own room.


It's almost 6 o'clock. We're heading back to the arena with Justin. I was texting Justin but he had to do a sound check so we stopped texting.

M: Oh My God. How in the world are we gonna get inside?

S: We're entering through the back. 

M: What time does the meet n' greet start?

S: At 6. So he should be there now.

M: Okay so that's why he's not responding to me texts which is good.

We got to the back and ran inside. Ryan, Chaz and I went to the snack room/ lounge it was right next to the meet n' greet room. I wanted to mess Justin a little. So we went to the costume room and dresses up like girl well I put on a wig, glasses, and a different shirt. 

R: Ready!

C: Bro I want to see his face.

We we going in line when the security guard saw us. 

SG: Where are your passes girls?

M: We don't have one. But we do have VIP passes.

SG: Okay.


We were next in line. This is going to be good. 

SG: Next.

J: Hey girls. How are you.

R: good (In a girly voice)

I couldn't stop laughing. I was laughing so hard I was crying. 

J: Wait it you guys Hailey, Chaz, and Ryan?

We took off our costumes. 

M: Yes it's us. 

He grabbed me by the waist and kissed me. 

J: And this is why I love you. 

H: Lets go guys there's more girls in line lets go.

J: No babe stay here. 

M: But I can't! The room is right there. 

J: No stay here Mrs. Bieber. 

M: Okay fine I'll sit on the floor just for you. 

I was sitting next to the `believe` background. It was fun seeing Justin and his fans happy. I was getting thirsty so I ran to get a water bottle. Justin saw me and ran after me. He caught me and spun me around and kissed me. 

J: Why are you running away from?

M: I was thirsty. I'm sorry I wanted to get a water bottle. I'll be out there in like 5 minutes. Now go back to the meet n' greet. 

J: Okay. I love you!

M: I love you too!
I gave him a peck on his lips and he left. 

A/N: There it is. I know it's long but it covers for 2 days! I know some of you wanted Austin and Hailey together but it's not the end of the book so things could change but right now Justin and Hailey are together. Ahhhhh. I'm so happy. Jailey? But what can Hailey and Austin's name be??


Stay  Swaggy<3

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