Hailey Smith is 17 years old. She lives in San Jose, California with her dad after her parents got divorced. Her dad plays for the San Francisco 49ers, and he got married to Madison. She works at Island Def Jam Music group with L.A. Reid and a lot more artists. When Hailey was younger she got the opportunity to win a contest to become a cheerleader and dance. Justin sees her on the news and wants to find Hailey. Does Justin find her? If so, What does Justin want from her? Will they ever date in the future? What if, Austin Mahone meets Hailey and wants to take Hailey from Justin? What will happen? Read to find out........ And by the way the Magcon Boys are in it too....


71. Getting ready!

I woke up to Nash, Hayes, and Matt running around in the room screaming. 

CD: She's waking up. 

M: Ya'll are mean. Can't a girl get some sleep?

ME: You're just grumpy cause you can Cam did get it in.

I got up and ran after Matt. 

M: MATTHEW LEE ESPINOSA. I'm gonna kill you.

We got upstairs into the living room. I jumped on him. We landed on the rug in the middle thankfully. 

M: I hate you. 

ME: Nope. Correction you love me.

CD: You're wrong Matt she loves me. 

ME: Can you get off of me?

M: I don't know your comfortable.

I was getting comfortable on him when he started tickling me. 

I laughed my ass off. 

M: Matt stop. 

ME: Will you get off of me.


ME: Thanks what I thought. 

M: I'm going to my room to take a shower and then we can go to iHop. 

N: Yesss.

H: I love you Hailey.

He came up to me and hugged me. 

M: I love you too Hayes. Now, go take a shower or change.

H: Alright. 

I went to my room and took a shower. I wore this:

With my hair curly and light make up. 

I was ready but I was looking for my phone. I remembered I left it in the movie room. I made my way to the movie room. I got my phone and I saw that Cam had left his phone down here too. I had to do something with it before giving it back. Ah. I got it. I'll take selfie, I mean what else can I do?

I went upstair to my room. One of my walls is only mirror. I took about 50 or more selfie. I heard someone come into my room.

??: Babe. 

It's Cameron. I hid his phone in my legging. 

M: Yeah. 

CD: Have you seen my phone? I left it in the movie I went to look for it and it wasn't there. 

M: I don't know, I went down there a couple minutes ago to get my phone and your phone wasn't there. 

CD: Hmmm. I wonder where it could be. 

M: I don't know. Lets go downstairs. 

We walked downstairs together.

N: I'm ready. 

M: Okay lets wait for everyone else. Emma and Cassidy aren't going the have to go to a meeting. Cassidy for volleyball and Emma for dance. 

N: Ohh......did you just say volleyball?

M: Not today Nash. We all know you like girls that volleyball. Now go on somewhere.

Cam and Nash were laughing. 

M: I use to play softball, basketball, volleyball, and cheer. I was an athlete. That's probably why I was popular. 

Nash looked at Cam. 

N: Cam was the opposite. He has like no friends. 

M: But look who he has now an amazing girlfriend. 

N: Yeah I know. So may guys would die to me in Cams place. You got lucky man.

CD: I know. 

He came up to me and put his arms around my waist. Shit. The phone.

CD: He that my phone?

I took it out. 

M: Oh this no. Its my dads. 

He look at the lock screen wallpaper.

CD: Oh so your dad has a picture so you and I laughing and me me holding you?

M: I don't know maybe. 

CD: Funny. 

M: Lets go get a snack.

ME: I'm ready. 

H: So am I.

M: Okay where's Kylie? She's the last one. 

K: Here. Isn't Emma and Cassidy going with us?

M: No they both have meeting later. And we still have to go to the store after iHop. 

K: Oh okay. 

M: Let me get my keys and my purse from the kitchen counter. 

ME: Hey Hailey?

M: Yeah?

ME: We're matching Timberlands. 

M: We are we have to get a picture together.

ME: Alright that's fine. 

I went to get my keys and purse. 

M: Lets go. Who wants to drive. 

H: Me.

M: Yeah and I want to have kids. 

H: Cameron.

CD: Yeah. 

H: Hailey wants kids. 

CD: Alright tonight we can. I have condoms. But we are gonna have to do it the movie because we might be loud. 

M: Cameron Dallas STOP. 

CD: What?

M: Don't act innocent. Get in the truck. 

I go in the driver side and Cameron got in the passenger side. 

M: Is everybody buckled up?

All: Yeah. Mrs. Dallas.

M: I'm about to leave everyone here and go by myself. Cameron and I have been going out for a day. I'm not excited about the future now. 

I pulled out of the long driveway. 

ME: Hailey. 

M: Now what?

ME: We should invite Jack and Jack. 

N: That would be so much fun. 

H: How about all of MagCon. Aaron, Shawn, Carter, and Taylor. 

M: I'll think about it. I need to talk to my parents first so else they'll flip. 

K: It'll be a party house. 

M: We made it. iHop for breakfast. 

We all got out. 

CD: I'm hungry. 

M: When aren't you?

CD: Ha. ha. ha. Aren't you funny?

M: I don't think I am. 

We went into iHop. 

M: Table for 6. 

Host: Come on. I'll take you to your table. 


N: I'm so full. Now where to?

M: Lets go to the mall. And them I have to go to Party city and Cosco. 

N: Alright. 

M: Lets go to Beverly Hills. 

CD: Yaaaassssss.

I love shopping but my dad says I should really stop because I have to much.

*30 minutes later*

M: Where to?

K: Versace I need to get a purse. 

N, ME, CD, and H: VERSACE.

M: I can't believe I have to deal with you 4 for one week. 

Cameron but his arms around my waist and kissed me.

CD: But you love me. 

M: You're lucky I do.

*2 hours later*

Everyone was carrying about 4 or 5 bags each. I spoiled the boys a little and spent over $5K on the 4 of them.  Which make that each boy got $1,250 worth of clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Nash and Cam got matching necklaces. I spent $2K on myself and Kylie spent $1.5K for herself. 

M: Now time for Party City, Consco, than home. What time is it?

H: It's about 4. 

M: Okay yeah we spent too much time shopping. Oh look theres a Party City. 

I pulled up and everyone got out. 

M: Our mission is to get anything that's related to football or the 49ers. If not then the colors gold, red, black, and white. NOW LETS GO. 

The store was huge so we split into 3 team. Nash and Cam, Matt and Hayes, Kylie and I. 

*45 minutes later*

Cashier: Your total will be $612.18.

I handed the cashier my card. She gave it back with the 20 big bags of things. 

H: How are we suppose to get everything in the truck and we still have to go to Costco. 

M: Then that means we have to go home and drop these bags home. 

I drove back home. I pulled up on the driveway. My dad was standing in the driveway with Kaepernick. I got out. Have I ever mentioned that he's HOT. 

M: Hey Collin. 

CK: Hey Hailey. 

M: I might need some help. We went to shopping and then went to party city.

D: You didn't go to Costco.

M: We didn't have enough room for more bags so I'll have to go back. I just came to drop off the bags.

My dad opened up the trunk to see about 30 bags.  

D: Hailey Marie Smith what is this.

Collin was laughing. 

M: Ummmm..... yeah about that.

D: Just get them out.

M: But the shopping bags in the living room. and the party city bags on the dining room. 

We were all done with the help of everyone. I went back into the truck. 

D: Oh I forgot to mention Chloe will be here tonight about 10ish so you have to go pick her up from the airport.

Chloe is my half sister she's 21. Before my parent got married he had Chloe with someone else. We are really close she live in Houston, Texas with her mom. 

M: Okay. I'll be back. And dad can the rest of MagCon come over too.

D: How many more boys? 

M: Only 6 more. 

D: Sure that's fine!

M: Yasss. Dad I love you! Bye and Bye Collin. 

CK: Bye.


M: Start calling all the guys. 

CD: Already did. 

H: Carter and Shawn are buying ticket now. 

N: Jack and Jack are going to the airport and buying tickets there. 

M: What about Aaron?

CD: He said he'll be here tomorrow. 


K: Literally.

M: I know there's gonna be people everywhere tomorrow. Over 50 plus players with there families but some of them are single. 

CD: This is gonna be the best week.

M: OH yeah.


(Chloe- Ch)

M: I'm so tired. 

Ch: I know how you feel. I'm happy to be here. I heard that there's gonna be like 6 more guys here tomorrow not including the party for dad.

M: Yeah 

Ch: It's gonna be a crazy house but I'm gonna go to bed now. 

M: I'm going to the guys are playing Xbox in the game room. 

Ch: Goodnight!

M: Goodnight!

A/N: Long Chapter today I hope you like it. 

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