Hailey Smith is 17 years old. She lives in San Jose, California with her dad after her parents got divorced. Her dad plays for the San Francisco 49ers, and he got married to Madison. She works at Island Def Jam Music group with L.A. Reid and a lot more artists. When Hailey was younger she got the opportunity to win a contest to become a cheerleader and dance. Justin sees her on the news and wants to find Hailey. Does Justin find her? If so, What does Justin want from her? Will they ever date in the future? What if, Austin Mahone meets Hailey and wants to take Hailey from Justin? What will happen? Read to find out........ And by the way the Magcon Boys are in it too....


12. Dating

---Hailey’s P.O.V---

I couldn’t believe I was Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, it still didn’t hit me. I was so excited, I wanted to tell my parents but I wanted to tell them in person. I tweeted: “@Hailey_Smith: 11/28/11 a day I will never forget! @JustinBieber” A lot of Justin’s fans wanted to know why 11/28/11 will be a day I will never forget. I didn’t want to tell them until Justin said it was good. Justin and I were starting to get hungry so we headed to the restaurant. We got back in the limo and within a couple of minutes we were there.

After dinner we went back to Justin’s house and went to bed. Sunday we didn’t do much at all. We stayed home and hung out a little while because I had to go back home at 6. Justin still hasn’t told his fans about us.


It was time for me to leave. I was gonna come back Tuesday because I was going to be with him to Jingle Ball performances and New York. I got home; my mom picked me up from the airport.

“Hailey, may I ask why is there a big rock on your middle finger?” she asked

“Justin gave me this a promise ring to tell me that he will always be by my side through thick and thin and even our ups and down. And GUESS WHAT?” I said really excited

“What!” she said

“Justin asked me to be his girlfriend!” I said

“WHAT, what did I tell you before you left to LA?” she asked

“You said he would ask me out!” I said

We got home and Cassidy ran to me to congratulate me. My dad wasn’t too happy about Justin and I dating.

“Hailey, we have to talk!” he said

“Yeah dad!” I said

“Let’s go in the office!” he said walking to the office

“What do you want to talk about?” I said

 “I know that you’re going out with Justin Bieber he’s 17 and he might want to have sex. I would not want you to have a child as a teenager. You’re gonna have to protect yourself because I’ve been I teen boy once in my life and I know how they are. I know that Justin’s different because he is famous and he needs to watch what he’s doing or else the word will get out. All I really want you to know and before you leave again on Tuesday is for you and your mom go to the doctor to get some birth control.” He said

“Alright I understand, and I know that I wouldn’t want to be a mom.” I said

“Okay, I’m gonna go tell Madison to make you an appointment or something to get you birth control.” He said.

“Alright” I replied

That would have been the most awkward conversation I have ever had with my dad. I understand that he doesn’t want me to have a kid, but at the same time he’s giving me permition to have sex with Justin.

I was a tad bit confused. I forgot about it went to my room to go sleep because I was really tired.


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