Abby was kidnapped but youll never guess by who she was kidnapped by Chucky . At first she thought he wasnt real but that all changed when she met him . When she is there she finds a book at first she thought it was a regular book but then she started writing in it and no other than one direction saw what . These 2 books were connected. they start to talk through the books . will she be saved ? Will one of the boys fall for her ? Will the boys (one direction) get kidnapped while trying to save her ? Read and find out .


4. Waking up

I woke up in a dark room tied to a chair. I couldn't move my whole body was numb. I didn't know why. Then the door started opening. A little guy walked in he was doll size then I realized it was none other than Chucky. But how? What? This couldn't be! Chucky isn't real! He's fiction! I swear...

His menacing eyes examine me, face as cold and hard as rock.  Moments later, a small, faint smile curls up on his lower lips. I cringe and divert my gaze away. Chucky is not real. This guy has to be a fake. He could be dressed up as him... a bad Halloween prank gone wrong is the best I am hoping for. 

The small, yellow light flickers above him, on.... off! And they stay off. My nervous rake up even more as I hear small chuckles, echo tormentingly around the room. A gust of wind passes me as fast as lightening, making me jump. Footsteps pace themselves around me in a circle and I can't help but let out a squeal. "NO!" I yell into the gag around my mouth. What a fail that was. 

"H-Hey Abby." A voice summons me from behind. I throw my head over my shoulder. How does this freak know my name? "Wanna p-play?" The voice is in front of me now. I whip my head back around. Nothing! I see nothing! 

The light starts to flicker on and off again. What... Damn you light! I'd rather it stay off. At least dreams happen in the dark... and nightmares. 

I close my eyes. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. In. Out. This is just a dream. Just a God damn dream. 

I can tell the light is working again, as there is a dim light showing through my eyelids. Okay, open eyes in 3... 2... 1... 

"BOO!" A voice yells in my face and Chucky is in front of me. Centimeters from my face. 


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