Abby was kidnapped but youll never guess by who she was kidnapped by Chucky . At first she thought he wasnt real but that all changed when she met him . When she is there she finds a book at first she thought it was a regular book but then she started writing in it and no other than one direction saw what . These 2 books were connected. they start to talk through the books . will she be saved ? Will one of the boys fall for her ? Will the boys (one direction) get kidnapped while trying to save her ? Read and find out .


1. kidnapped

My name is Abby this is my story .


5 months earlier---------

My friend Kaylie called me here's the convo 

M:me                           K: Kaylie  

  K: Hey                                                                                                                                                               M: Hey whats up 

K: Well that really hot senior Mason invited me to a party and he said that I could bring a friend so are you gonna go ?

M: Yah what time is the party?

K : 9:00 

M: Yah totally pick me up .

K: Okay see you in an hour .


I gotta get ready . I did my hair and make-up . I wore faded jeans  and a flowey green top with black heels . I curled the tips of my hair .I still had 15 minutes till she picked me up i decided to check Facebook . 

Then I heard 3 honks  I knew she was here . I walked out the door and got in the car she started driving 5 minutes later we were there . When we got there almost every one was either drunk  , grinding on each other , making out , or doing it (if you know what I mean ) . We went to the bar and got shots of whiskey after about 5 shots we were drunk . Kaylie decided to go home early .

I left about 30 min. after her . I started walking when a van started following me . I didnt pay any attention to it till it pulled up beside me okay now  I'm freaking out  I start running . I hear someone jump out of the van. Then i'm tackled to the ground then a rag is placed over my mouth and nose . I was a swimmer but after five minutes I had to breathe as soon as I did I regretted it . I tried to stay awake but i couldn't . Darkness took over me . I was about to hit the ground but then whoever was holding me caught me .    

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