~ My High School's Story ~

This is my high school life story. I didn't knew I would find my love here. My mistakes.....


3. The unbelivable

Kristiana pov:

TIT TIT TIT* (Alarm clock)

Another day at Werty's boarding school.I was the first girl to be up so I went and got into the shower first. We’re doing an exercise in the morning so we have to wear sports clothes. I woke the other girls up to get ready to go. They all got ready in 5 minutes and we all head to the gym. We met the guys there playing basketball. The girls and I love basketball so we took the ball from the boys easily. The boys were all shocked at our skills. Yen Vy giggle and threw the ball into the hoop. We then started to play a match against each other: me and Yen Vy, Gorina and Aurora. The boys just stand there staring at us. After me and Yen Vy score about 10 times we rested for a bit. All the boys started walking to us and just stare. Gorina ask them why they look so perverted at us and me Yen Vy and Aurora started laughing our heads off. Justin was the first one to speak. He denied that he was looking at us like that and explained that he have never seen any girls that play basketball like us. Then the other 3 join in and agree with him. He then told us we were awesome the way we score. Aurora then told them that girls can do anything boys can do. And we all walked back to our rooms LIKE A BOSS leaving the boys there speechless.


After we all shower we went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. While we were eating the boys from Saigon Serpents start flirting with us. But we just ignore them and carry on eating. Until a hand touch my stuff. I look over to see one of the hottest guys in school. He started to get in my pants but I stop him. I know I like Justin but when I look inside this guy eyes I felt like it hypnotizing me. He then whispered to go somewhere else to do this. I smirked and tell him I would but I’m busy eating now. This was all a plan in my mind. He was shocked I rejected him but then shook it off and gave me his phone number. Then he walked off with his gang. All the girls look at me weird but I just smile and carry on eating. Until Yen Vy spoke up and said that I just spoke with the one direction gang, one of the hottest boys in the Saigon serpents group, niall horan. Just then the boys arrived getting us back to reality. We talked but my mind wasn’t with them I was thinking about niall. I looked at the paper with his phone number in it and think this would be a smart plan to revenge him touching me.

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