~ My High School's Story ~

This is my high school life story. I didn't knew I would find my love here. My mistakes.....


1. The First Day Of School


My name is Kristiana. I have 2 younger sisters and 1 younger brother. I am the eldest in the family. My family isn't rich but we have what we need. I am attending this boarding school just because I need to save my money to go to College. I have a pet white tiger (cusha). I know what you guys are thinking. But Cusha isn't like regular tiger. He doesn't hurt anyone. I'm glad I can bring him to stay with me here. He is a young small tiger so he doesn't take much space. I can't wait to see my boarding school room. There isn't much space in the school so we have to share rooms. This year I am learning in year 10. So I only have to stay 2 years left in this school.


TIT TIT TIT* (alarm clock)

Waking up like my daily routine with the alarm clock annoying me at the start of the day. But today is a different day, today is the day I'm going to Werty's Boarding school. Unlocking my phone to see I only have 15 minutes left before the bus leave. I rushed to get ready. I wore my favourite outfit which was shorts and a black t-shirt with the word SWAG on it. I also wore my snapback cap which matches my oufit. I took my bag which I pack last night, of everything I need to wear. I look at my room for a few seconds before I ran downstairs. I hugged my parents and siblings before I ran to the bus. I was glad I wasn't late so I got on and found a spare seat to sit. I can't wait to see the school. This was my first time seeing this school.

45 mins later.....

This was it I thought, this is the last stop where they reach the school. I'm ready for this, to start my first year in this school. I can do this. As the bus stop, I walk down with my luggage next to me. Cusha was also next to me. I started to walk to the school. It was really big; I was a freshman so many people eyes were on me when I reach the front. Just then, a pretty looking lady offered me a hand. She told me she was the vice principle of this school and her name is Rachel. She helps me to find my group. There was 5 groups in this school; Hanoi hornets, Dalat dragons, Mekong monsters, Saigon serpents and Cuties. I was in the Cuties group so my room was at the garden. There was a building at the garden and my room was in there. Ms. Rachel helps me to get to my room and gave me a tour around the whole school. She is a nice and welcoming person. When I was at my room, there were 3 other girls. Their names are Aurora, Gorina and Yen Vy. They were all freshman like me. We are all in the same group so we have the same timetables. It feels great to make some new friends on the first day of school. We start our first lesson after lunch so we have few hours to unpack our things and relax. We went to the cafeteria to have lunch. We talk about our lives, hobbies, family, etc... the whole time until we have to get up to go to our first lesson. When we got to class we met Ms. Rachel, we then found out that she was our group tutor. We met few more students which were also in our group. Their names are Austin, Josh, Justin and Edward. We found out their room were next to our room. Our group code was tamua-anna-nua. Each group has their own code and our group is that one. The girls have to wear the necklace that Ms. Rachel gave us and the boys have to wear the rings. We can't take it of in any circumstances.  We learn that at the end of each term we have test vs the other groups. After that we have 2 weeks holiday. We can come home visit our family or stay here and visit the different places around the school. Each groups stay with their groups. We can't change our groups and we mustn't loose to other groups. Ms. Rachel shows us our lockers and also gives us a tour as a class. Each morning we have to wake up at 6am to exercise in our group exercise room. Each student in our class has to have a partner. But it has to be boy and girl as a partner. My partner was Justin, Yen Vy and Edward, Aurora and Austin, Gorina and Josh. We have to help each other as partners. In my mind I was really happy that Justin was my partner, I have a little crush on Justin when we first met. I don’t know why but that how I felt about him. But I knew that he wouldn’t like me. He was popular among the class. Even girls in other groups were crushing on him; I will never have a chance with him. Ms. Rachel said that the 8 of us in the class will have to always stick together. She wanted the 8 of us to know each other more so she ended the lesson early. I was glad that was the only lesson we have today. The 8 of us all went to the boy’s room and play truth or dare. We promise we would do anything and we won’t say we can’t or we won’t do it. We started spinning the bottle and it landed on me. Aurora asks me what I choose. I thought for a moment and answer truth. She then asked me from all the boys here which were my favourite. I was shocked, how could she ask me this. I can’t tell her who, that embarrassing.  I started to blush; I can’t say no one because that would be a lie and I never lie, everyone knew that. Luckily, Justin phone rang and he went outside to answer it. When he was outside I bravely told them that I have a crush on Justin. They all started giggling and promised me to not tell him. When he came in everyone acted as if nothing happen which make me giggle. Which make Justin gave me a weird look. So I stop giggling and started to spin the bottle. It landed on Josh so I asked him which he chooses. He answered Dare so I dare him to act as girly as he can for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the whole room was sounds of laughter from everyone except Josh. It was hilarious the way he acts. Aurora was half crying half laughing at him, nearly everyone was. I have to say he have AMAZING acting skills. We carry on playing for hours, we ate noodles and went back to our rooms at 9pm. everyone was tired from laughing so hard. Today was a great first day of school.

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