~ My High School's Story ~

This is my high school life story. I didn't knew I would find my love here. My mistakes.....


4. The big secret

3 weeks pass....

It was 3 weeks since that day. I am still going to revenge him for what he did to me. Me and Justin had been closer these few weeks and I’m so happy about it. But I have to do something others wouldn’t know about. I was alone in the room so I called niall. I still think it was a fake phone number but at soon as it ring someone picks up.

-Hello is this Niall phone number?- Kristiana

-Yes and may I ask who you are angel?- Niall

-I’m Kristiana, you gave me your phone number 3 weeks ago- Kristiana

-Hey babe, why didn’t you call me sooner? I’ve been waiting for you to call for ages.- Niall

-Cause I thought you prank me but after you answer I trust you. –Kristiana

-Wow babe, wow-Niall

-Hey cheeky boy, my friends went home for 2 days and I’m alone. I’m so bored. –Kristiana

-Well you can come over to my room Babe, if you aren’t scared of me.-Niall

-Why should I be scared of you?- Kristiana

-Because I would like to try to get into the place I touch once again.-Niall

-You wish, you cheeky boy.-Kristiana

-So are you coming over or not?- Niall

-I’m on my way- Kristiana

End of phone call*

Kristiana went and hang out at Niall room. They were watching a movie but Niall didn’t watch it he did something different.

While watching the movie intensely, I felt something on my knee. When I look down I can see Niall hand trying to get closer to my thingy. I wanted to tease him so I told him I was feeling hot. So I took my t- shirt off only wearing my bra and I also took off my shorts revealing my undies. Niall was checking me out which make me smirk. After a few minutes he was back to normal and stood up and goes to get something. He came back with 2 cups and a box full of cans of beers. He turned off the tv which make me groan a little. He told me we were going to vs each other and sees who can drink the most cans of beers. I am not a scary cat so I played. After drinking about 5, I felt dizzy but I didn’t stop. I carry on until I got about 20. I was so dizzy and tired. When I look at Niall he was still drinking. I stood up to go to the bathroom but I fell instead. Niall was there to help me and he lay me on his bed. He was smirking which I relised why he wanted me to drank that many beers. But this didn’t stop me from knowing what to do. I pushed him down on the bed and I was at the top. I told him if we do this he must never tell anyone about it. After his promise, I kissed him. It was my first kiss with any boy. I hoped it was with Justin but it wasn’t. It was with niall. Niall started kissing me non- stop, then to my neck. He unbuckles my bra and start playing with my nibbles. He then kisses it and start licking and kissing my neck again.



After that night, waking up was hard. But it was a magical feeling. Niall was next to me cuddling me, which made me thought he wasn’t so bad after all. I got up and got my stuffs and went to the bathroom. I changed into my last night clothes and remember everything that happens last night. Last night was the night that I lost my virginity. Only me and Niall will know about this. So I got out of the bathroom and went back to bed. I look at Niall and start playing with his hair. He started to wake up. When he saw me he kissed me and said good morning beautiful, last night was amazing. I just smirked and told him the promised we did last night. All he said was “I know but you have to stop ignoring me outside”. I just laugh and agree and told him I’m going back to my room but he stops me and said he wants to go with me. I couldn’t resist his puppy face so I agree. When I got back all the boys and girls was waiting outside for me. Which made me felt guilty not telling where I went. Niall and I were hand in hand when we got to my room. Everyone was giving me and Niall weird eye contact. I just shrugged it off and act as if nothing happen. I just kiss Niall cheeks and thanks him for yesterday, after I winked at him he smile and went back to his room. I walked closer to my room and I started having enormous amounts of questions. Justin on the other hand stood there saying nothing. He just looks at me with no expression whatsoever and went into his room. I did the same and went inside my room not caring about others screaming and asking me questions. The girls rush inside with me and kept on asking questions. But I didn’t listen and fell asleep while they kept yapping.  

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